Why Does Steve Hate Becky On 'BB17'?

Well, well, well, who would have thought little, quiet Steve on Big Brother 17 had such a dark side? On Wednesday's episode, we saw a completely different side of Steve when he lashed out at Becky in the Diary Room after she lost the Veto, and I really have to ask — Steve, are you OK? Why does Steve hate Becky on Big Brother ? What did she ever do to him? Well, as it turns out, Steve may be harboring a grudge against the 'Rado girl after he overheard her say something about him.

Allow me set the scene from Wednesday's show. Becky, who was competing to remove herself from the block, dropped her ball during the Veto competition. Becky was in second place — Clay being in first — so dropping the ball during the squirrel competition was particularly devastating. For some. For Steve, well, I'll let him tell you what he thought about it.

Becky drops her ball, and I can see her entire demeanor — she is crushed. And seeing that misery in her is making me so freaking happy. I am loving just watching her crash. It's that simple, I'm sorry, and good luck back in Colorado.

Steve, you got beef? The girl survived being hit in the face with by a train! How can you be so mad! Big Brother fans took to Twitter to express their confusion as to why Steve went off on Becky in the DR.

So why did Steve have such a joyous reaction to Becky losing the Veto competition? Well, Steve might be harboring some ill feelings for Becky after he overheard her saying something about him. According to the feeds, Becky and Jason were talking and Steve heard a comment about how he doesn't give anyone any privacy.

Trust me, the irony is not lost on me that Steve eavesdropped on a comment about him giving no privacy to the other houseguests. In addition to that, Steve is also a target of Becky's which could be why he was happy she lost.

So while I understand why Steve might not be Becky's biggest fan, the pleasure he got from her dropping a fake nut in a squirrel costume seems to be a little much. The two really should be joining together — since they're this season's biggest flotation devices — because you know what they say: united we stand, divided we fall.

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