11 Ways You're Accidentally Ruining Your Skin, Because You Might Not Even Realize The Damage You're Doing

Even if you've got your skincare routine down to a fine science, you might unintentionally be sabotaging your glow. Avoiding these 11 ways you're accidentally ruining your skin is just as important for clear, bright skin as washing your face everyday. Make sure you're not hurting your skin without knowing it!

1. Smoking

Oh man, beyond being directly linked to lung cancer, smoking causes premature wrinkles, acne, and under-eye bags. Fortunately, if you kick the habit, it will reflect in your skin mere weeks later.

2. Not Showering & Moisturizing After Swimming

Nothing is more refreshing than a dip in a cold pool, but harsh chlorine can dry out your skin and leave it flaky and itchy. Always make sure to shower well after each swim, and definitely finish off with a nourishing moisturizer.

3. Using Your Cellphone

Your phone can cause wrinkles. Say what? Turns out, staring down at your keyboard all day can create premature wrinkles beneath your chin and neck. Try to hold your phone up higher, and also consider slathering on moisturizing wrinkle cream or coconut oil as a preventative measure.

4. Sleeping On Dirty Pillowcases

As annoying as laundry day can be, your pillowcase can cause acne if not washed regularly. Who wants to fall asleep on a fluffy cushion full of dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt? I'll pass.

5. Having A Caffeine Addiction

As a hardcore coffee lover, I understand how real this struggle is. Sadly, too much caffeine is directly linked to acne and dry skin. If you can't forgo your cup (or five), make sure to drink twice the amount of water each day to rehydrate!

6. Having Long, Steamy Showers

While luxuriously long showers feel amazing, they shouldn't be a regular occurrence. On top of wasting water, long showers can potentially strip off your top layer of epidermis and cause dry skin and itching.

7. Falling Asleep With Makeup On

No matter how tired you are, you will thank yourself i the morning if you wash your face before hitting the sheets. Forgetting to do so can trigger nasty outbreaks.

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

If your skin is dull, it could be trying to tell you to hit the snooze button. Aim for seven to eight hours a night so your skin has time to replenish itself.

9. Squinting

If you're having trouble reading something or out in the sun with no shades, don't squint. Squinting unfortunately causes fine lines and wrinkles. Consider this justification for a new pair of sunglasses!

10. Getting Hairspray On Your Face

I'm a Texan and can't help my love of hairspray. But I recently noticed if I forgot to cover my forehead before spraying, I end up with a slew of pimples the next day. If you use hair products, cover your face before applying and wear a sweatband at the gym.

11. Stress

One of glowing skin's biggest culprits is stress. It can cause pimples, wrinkles (thanks to frowning), and dullness. While avoiding stress completely might seem impossible, finding an exercise activity you enjoy and maintaining a healthy diet are great helpers. Additionally, consider exploring meditation techniques!

Image Credit: Unsplash/Pixabay; tiffany panda, Barista_Dritan_Alsela, vera.nicole155, got2bUK, vak9girl/Instagram