Watch 50 Years Of Wedding Hairstyles

By now, thanks to the magic of YouTube, there's a slight chance you have become pretty well-versed in a century's worth of beauty from various cultures, but it's time to take a break from traveling around the world to take a look at 50 years of wedding hairstyles. And yeah — things have definitely changed since the '60s.

Hairstylist and beauty vlogger, Kayley Melissa, took us through half a century's worth of wedding hair styles in two minutes on her YouTube channel, and although styles didn't change too drastically, there's definitely some elements of each decade's culture reflected in the hair 'dos. And also, let me just say I'm really glad I didn't get married in the '80s. Seriously.

The video features both updos, as well as loose and flowing styles, so if you have a wedding on the horizon, or just feel like taking a gander back in time, it's worth checking out how styles have evolved. And surprisingly — today's look takes its inspiration from one of the world's biggest music festivals. I'm not entirely sure if that's a good or bad thing. But anyways..

The video starts off in the 1960s, with a demure updo.

Simple, yet elegant.

The '70s brought that hippie vibe, with loose, flowing curls.

There's one word for '80s wedding hair: big.

The '90s were about embellishments, and piece-y bangs around the face.

The '00s toned it down a bit, replacing the flowers/butterfly clips with a chic and understated headband, which brings us to today...

Brace yourself for it: the flower crown. (Also, showing off that bling.)

Images: YouTube