The 18 Most Timeless Moments from "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)"

On Dec. 7, Aaron Carter turns 26. Twenty-five has been an eventful year for Carter: He went on tour for the first time in eight years, filed for bankruptcy, and worked to revive his career. What's in store for the big 2-6? Hopefully, a new album, more concerts, and less financial trouble. So, how should Carter celebrate his b-day? May I suggest that he listen to a little ditty called "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" for inspiration? "But that song is 13 years old," you contest. "It must be horribly outdated."

Nope. You would think that a pop song sung by a 12-year-old 13 years ago would show its age. But it doesn't. Neither does the video. Carter starts the song with "Here's a little bit of old school for you," but the song is old school, new school, here school, there school, all of the school schools. The song and the video transcend time. Here are the most timeless things that happen in the song and the video:

  1. Aaron's hairstyle. Nothing beats a mussed pixie cut.
  2. Aaron's bike chain cross necklace.
  3. Aaron's convertible pants. They can be pants OR long shorts. How practical/perfect.
  4. The fur coat/bicycle/two gals look. (I see you, MACKLEMORE.)
  5. "All the fine girls." Ah yes. A tween rapping about "fine girls." CLASSIC. <img src=""/>
  6. Parents from the 1950s. So timeless! Polishing furniture. So timeless! Cleaning bowling trophies. SO TIMELESS.
  7. That girl's awesomely crimped hair at the 0:21 mark.
  8. The multiple sea foam/celery green VW Beetles. Such an elegant vehicle.
  9. Sleeveless tops everywhere.
  10. A call-and-response chorus. Foolproof move.<img src=""/>
  11. "Some people walked in that I didn't recognize" happens at the 1:19 mark. The phenomenon of "the party crasher" is a tale as old as time.
  12. "And a kid spilled juice on my mom's new cushion" at the 1:32 mark. Hey, have we as a species moved past spilling drinks on furniture yet? That's what I thought.
  13. Someone breaks a lamp, but at the 1:40 mark Aaron responds, "I'll clean it up later." Who ever wants to clean anything now? No one. Everyone wants to clean stuff later.
  14. Disco balls.
  15. A stage on top of a pool. Flawless forever.
  16. At 2:07, Carter interrupts the chorus dancing with a "break it down" so that he and the already-dancing dancers can launch into another dance break.<img src=""/>
  17. You can't go wrong with a "Go!" chant. Everyone loves a "Go!" chant.
  18. "Grounded." SO REAL.
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