Aaron Carter Needs Some Help

Backstreet's back alright, and while things are actually looking good for Nick Carter, his younger brother Aaron is in trouble. While Nick was re-learning his boy band moves for a reunion tour and video for "Show 'Em What You're Made Of", his younger brother and former teenaged rapper was going broke. Aaron Carter is filing for bankruptcy, according to TMZ.

The report is pretty upsetting, it shows that Aaron has over $2 million in liabilities, but his assets only add up to about $8,000. The worst part is that he had to list all of his assets, which include some electronics, musical equipment, a Louis Vuitton backpack and a watch that makes up almost half of the full amount. He also listed his dog as an asset worth nothing, which is pretty rude if you ask me, but at least he won't try to sell the poor pet.

Aaron is definitely in need of some help. The kid had it all, but he's fallen on some hard times and just needs something to help get him back on track. He may be on tour right now, but it's obviously not enough. We spoke with Aaron a few months ago and are really rooting for him to succeed so to help, we've come up with a few ways for Aaron to earn some money and get back on his feet. It's the least we could do, after all, we're the ones who never bought another album after Oh Aaron.

Have an Infamous Aaron's Party — and Charge Admission

You either listened to "Aaron's Party" constantly on your Walkman or had it as a HitClip, and be honest, you wanted to party with Aaron then and still do now. All he has to do is hold one more party and charge admission to get in and he wouldn't have to worry about finances for a long time.

Image: rubbersoulrevolution/Tumblr

Reconnect with Hilary Duff

Remember that time Lizzie McGuire got to kiss Aaron Carter and you were really jealous? Apparently they're still at least semi-friendly, so maybe she can hook him up with a guest starring spot on some TV show, or advice on how to write a book and generally remain relevant. I'm sure it would mean a lot to Aaron since apparently, he was really into her.

Images: Disney, unterrible/Tumblr

Join the Backstreet Boys In Some Way

The Backstreet Boys are going on tour again, and since Aaron's solo tour doesn't seem to be doing too well, maybe he can join theirs. He can be the opener or help out backstage and his brother can keep an eye on his expenses.

Image: Giphy

Beat Shaq Again, But Make a Bet First

If he can beat Shaq at 13, he should be able to do it again at 25. Aaron can just make a nice, sizeable bet this time and use it to pay off his debts. Then again, why stop at Shaq? He can take down tons of professional basketball players and be back on top. Although, the last time Aaron and Shaq had a rematch it didn't go so well, maybe he should practice a little more...

Images: Rebloggy

Sue Macklemore

Does that seem like a coincidence to you? When we spoke to Aaron, he said he was flattered.

“Macklemore copied what I did with the “Aaron’s Party” music video with the bike and fur coat and two girls in the back. It’s awesome to see that, and I was really flattered, but “Thrift Shop” copied what we did exactly.”

But with his current situation, maybe he should reconsider those feelings.

Images: Billboard, moremacklemore/Tumblr


Obviously we'd rather see Justin Timberlake leading NSYNC, but he's a little busy for that. Aaron is the only other suitable replacement. Someone make this happen.