Joan Smalls' Matte Lipstick Line Is Here

Supermodel Joan Smalls' Instagram account proves she knows a thing or two about lipstick. Vogue shared how the rest of us can now officially get in on the fun, as Joan Smalls is launching a lipstick line with Estee Lauder. It features 12 custom matte shades and is available today!

Smalls told Vogue she first felt inspired after the MET Gala. She opted for a daring shade of violet at the event and said, "I started seeing people tag me after the Met Gala ... I was like, ‘This is so cool. People are really reacting to it in a very positive way.’ ” All of the excitement over a bold shade definitely influenced Smalls' line.

The twelve shades she's unveiling with Estee Lauder are fierce, chic, and distinctive. On developing the colors, Smalls explained, "I’m very hands-on when I’m involved with something." And as for advice on rocking the fun shades, she said, "It's all about self-expression. Just go with your heart and your mood. If you don’t want to go as bold, pat it down with a tissue and use it as a tint." Loving that tip.

I can't wait to order a few of the shades, and you're bound to love them, too. Below are a few of my top picks for fall.

1. Shameless Violet

This color is practically identical to Smalls' MET look, and would be the perfect pop of chic color for a low key T-shirt and jeans look.

(Shameless Violet, $30, Estee Lauder)

2. Commanding

This dark shade of cherry just screams cool weather and stolen kisses.

(Commanding, $30, Estee Lauder)

3. Covetous Nude

No need to covet whoever is wearing this shade, just grab it for yourself for a pulled together look in no time.

(Covetous Nude, $30, Estee Lauder)

Image Credit: Estee Lauder(3)