Only Introverts Can Appreciate This Comic

I'm not an introvert (but I have an introverted friend!), so I can't pretend to know everything y'all go through when you're navigating in a sea of aggressive humans like me. But this comic about being an introvert by INFJoe Cartoons will pick up the slack where people like me have failed. His comic series is specific to the experiences of people who scored INFJ on the famous Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Described as "Advocates," people who score as introverted, intuition, feeling, and judgment are thought to make up less than one percent of the population. That being said, the everyday issues that Joe brings up in his comics are the kind that most introverts can appreciate.

Even if you don't identify as an introvert yourself (hi), these cartoons will give you some major insight to the little social interactions and situations that extroverts take for granted. Hell, even some extroverts will relate — I self-identify as an antisocial extrovert, and half of these comics hit me right in the "no, mom, if I wanted to talk to them on the phone, I'd call them myself" bone. Here are a few of INFJoe's witty representations of life as an introvert:

When The Bar Is So Full That You ~Can't Even~

I can attest to the fact that the only thing worse than humans is more humans.

When Any Human Ever Approaches

Living in NYC with this was kind of anxiety was way too real, until I just decided not to make eye contact with any living, breathing thing like the secret sociopath I am.

When You Have A Severe Case Of Reverse FOMO

I can't pretend to understand this, introverted friends. If there is action going on a few miles away, I don't care. But if there is action going on three feet away, I HAVE TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION, DAMMIT.

When Nobody Can Agree On The Definition Of "Fun"

FUN is a social construct, anyway. Or a catchy song from SpongeBob. Whatever you feel in your heart.

When You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All

Borrowing myself some Alison Krauss lyrics there, but I'll be punished by having it stuck in my head for the next year.

When Honesty Hour Gets A Little Too Honest

You have 59 minutes left.

When Someone Does The Unforgivable

Dear anyone who has ever done this to another human: WHERE DO YOU GET OFF?! This is like handing someone a grenade. A grenade you have to socialize with. *shudders*

For more of INFJoe's awesome comics, hit up his website or his Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of INFJoe(7)