'Big Brother's Clelli Reacted Weirdly To Their Nom

Nothing made me happier during this season of Big Brother than when Clay and Shelli were both nominated for eviction at the same time. It's not that I particularly dislike either of them — it’s more about how much I appreciate James playing it straight and not trying to avoid pissing everyone off by being sneaky about his nominations — or, even worse, backdooring someone who he really wants to go home. The minute Shelli and Clay started taking control of the house was the minute I wanted them to be dethroned, because really, what better option was there? Sure enough, dethroned they were this week when James put them both up for eviction. Of course, though, in true Clelli fashion, they didn’t go out without a fight.

The two housemates reacted to their nominations in some pretty bold ways. And by “bold,” I mean “annoying,” because, seriously, do they think they’re the only people who have ever been betrayed in the Big Brother house? What about all of those housemates that they sent home? I don’t know if the power they’ve had over the last few weeks went right to their head, but the way they reacted to their nomination made it seem as if they thought they are exempt from the rules of the game.

Reacting entirely emotionally, they made some pretty big blunders in how they responded to the nomination, and here are just a few of the annoying ways that they reacted:

1. By Calling James Out As A Liar

They do realize that one of them is going to be left in the house, right? And that means that they might… need James? By calling him out in front of the whole house, they made themselves a sure enemy.

2. By Asking Everyone To Come Talk To Them Separately

They’re the ones on the block. I’m pretty sure that means they’re going to have to do the legwork.

3. By Publicly Selling Vanessa Out

Again, one of them is going to be here for another week. Have they not thought about what selling out their biggest ally to the rest of the house would do for the surviving houseguest?

4. By Saying Anything At All

Seriously. Take it like a champ — don’t try to defend yourself right at the nomination table. No matter what you say, it’s going to be reactive and tainted by emotions, neither of which will help.

5. By Isolating Themselves

How many ways do I have to say it? Do they not know that one of them is still going to be around for another week? This is no time to get moody — instead, they need to turn up the game play even louder than before.

6. By Getting Angry

Yeah. That will really win them friends.

7. By Not Owning Their Game Play

They have been denying responsibility for Jason going home even though they were TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR JASON GOING HOME. That makes it even more ridiculous that they would deny being behind that decision. Instead, they should own it and make up ground by rebuilding trust in the house.

8. By Targeting Austin

How many bridges can they burn in one night?

9. By Threatening to Expose Their Alliance

Oh. That’s right. All of them. They can burn every bridge they have.

10. By Targeting The Twins

Every. Last. Bridge.

11. By Acting Like They Were The First People To Ever Be Nominated For Eviction

Seriously, Clelli. Get over it. If nothing else, this is a nice dose of your own medicine.

The higher you climb, the farther you fall. And judging by Clay and Shelli’s reactions to their nomination, their fall from grace was a long and hard one.

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