When Is J. Lo's New Single Coming Out?

She released her last album, A.K.A., just a little over a year ago now, but fans are already wondering: When is Jennifer Lopez's new single coming out? I have an exciting answer to that question: it could be just around the corner. As Idolator reports, on Sunday, Mark Medina, a program director at New York's popular Z100 radio station, wrote on Twitter that we'd be hearing Jennifer Lopez's new single "soon" — "probably" in just a matter of "days." Medina described the upcoming track as "fun" and "hi energy," noting that it has "Latin flair." I like the sound of that!

A.K.A. came and went without making much of an impact on the charts (it wasn't very popular with critics, either), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed J. Lo will deliver this time around. Fortunately, the few details we have about her next LP so far seem pretty promising: In May, MTV reported Lopez might be eyeing a collaboration with rapper Missy Elliott; in June, we discovered she had plans to work with hit songwriter Ne-Yo (Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable") thanks to an interview he did with BuzzFeed; and in July, we found out she may have put in some studio time with in-demand production team The Monsters (Jason Derulo's "Cheyenne"). Yes, there are definitely reasons to feel hopeful about the quality of Lopez's forthcoming project.

Now, what will her new single sound like? That's a much harder question to answer. Aside from Medina's description — which is helpful, but brief — we don't have much to go on. However, it's possible the 46-year-old singer's two most recent duets can give us some clues.

In May, Lopez teamed up with up-and-coming pop star Prince Royce for a Spanish-language version of his song, "Back It Up."

According to iTunes composer credits, "Back It Up" was co-created by hit-makers Savan Kotecha and Ilya — two of the musicians behind A.K.A. 's second single, "First Love." Is it possible the pair worked on J. Lo's new track, as well? I think so. After all, they may have been in the studio with her recently to record her "Back It Up" vocals. Perhaps Lopez's new single will be an ultra-catchy hook-filled urban-pop number like "Back It Up."

Lopez also teamed up with Jason Derulo in May for a song called "Try Me," which is featured on his latest album, Everything Is 4.

"Try Me" was produced by Norwegian newcomer Matoma. Maybe Lopez's new single will be a tropical synth-filled pop track like "Try Me." Who knows! We'll just have to wait and see (err, hear). With any luck, we'll get more information this week. Stay tuned.