Who Won The 'BB17' Veto When Clelli Was Nominated?

So much depends on the Veto Challenge during this season of Big Brother — this week, especially. On Sunday night, James announced that he was nominating Clay and Shelli for eviction this week, putting the two biggest players in the house squarely in the crosshairs of being kicked out of the game for food. The only thing that could save them, of course, would be to win the Veto Challenge and use the Power of Veto to save themselves. And, as much as I was looking forward to seeing Clay or Shelli win it just to see how true their love is — aka, to see if they would be selfless and save the other person or think solely of themselves — I’m kind of pumped to find out that neither of them won the Veto Challenge.

But... who did?

Well, I’m happy to report that after a grueling competition in which James, Clay, Shelli, Becky, Vanessa, and Jackie all competed, it was neither Shelli nor Clay who won. Even though it was at first looking like James was going to give the competition to Vanessa to win — a risky move, considering she promised Shelli and Clay to use the Veto on them should she win it — the plan fell apart in the middle of the competition and James ended up winning the challenge. (Although, now that I think about it, maybe that was strategy, too? Acting like he trusted Vanessa with the win and then winning it himself anyway?)

That’s right. All of Clelli’s fears were realized when James stepped up and dominated in the competition. But, what did he decide to do with the power afforded to him? Did he save sweet Shelli or manhunk Clay?

Of course not. He announced to the house that he would not be using the veto, and that the nominations would stay as they were. A bold move from a bold player. But, I give James major credit for sticking to his guns, avenging his friends who had already been evicted, putting the biggest threats up on the block, and playing his game straight. There’s no backdoor business for this guy. He has been completely up front about getting rid of Shelli and Clay from the minute he became HoH, and I have mad respect for him because of it.

Looks like the end of Clelli is inevitable... but, hasn’t it always been?

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