Why 'BB17's Vanessa & Julia Should Team Up

If there is one thing that I love more than this season of Big Brother, it is girl power. Which is, maybe, why I am loving this season so much: the girls on this Big Brother season are out to play the game hard, and, because of this, they are dominating the entire house. Just think of it: Shelli has Clay wrapped around her finger, Liz has Austin wrapped around hers, and — while it hasn’t been confirmed on any of the live feeds — my guess is that John would drop and give Becky his veto any time she asked for it. The girls this season are in charge, which is why I am rooting for a total takeover. Specifically, by two of the strongest players in the house: Vanessa and Julia need to team up.

Let’s just think about that for a minute, shall we? First of all: Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if two girls made it to the end together? (Yes. The answer is yes.) And, second of all, wouldn’t it be even more awesome if the two women who made it to the end were the two who were, up until now, playing the game the most honestly and the most strategically?

I mean, just think about it. As much as Vanessa has been aligned with the people in charge lately, she’s also been totally up front about a lot of what is happening (like, copping to what part she played in evicting James). You have to respect her game more than Clay or Shelli’s, who are both denying that they had anything to do with that decision and trying to pin it on Vanessa.

Also, she is one hell of a game player outside of the Big Brother house. As a nationally-ranked poker player and student of game theory, Vanessa is a serious force to reckoned with in the house this summer.

And then there’s Julia. From the get-go — even when everyone else thought she was Liz — it was clear that Julia was the serious game player of the pair. She hasn’t been swayed by any flirtations or promise of romance like her sister has, nor does she get giddy at the sign of success. No, Julia has always been the one with her head in the game from the start, not to mention the one with the best instincts. She doesn’t trust Austin (which is spot-on from his behavior in the live feets), and she frequently has to remind Liz to snap out of her crush and focus on the game. It’s clear that she’s not only the more serious game player of the two twins, but also one of the more serious game players in the house.

So, look out fellas. I’m seeing a female takeover in Big Brother’s future. If it happens, I’ll be in the front row, cheering them on.

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