Kalani Returned (Again) To 'Dance Moms' & The ALDC, But Abby Lee Didn't Let Her Dance

The second part of Season 5 of Dance Moms has continuously been highlighting whether or not Kalani and her mom Kira will be leaving the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC). And in the July 21 episode "Solo Battle: Round 1," Kalani came back to Dance Moms — and this time, it seems like it's for good (although one can never be sure). Even though it really, really seemed like Kalani was finished with Abby Lee Miller after the July 14 episode, she wanted to return to the team. But Kalani and Kira walking out in the previous episode and coming back had its consequences (of course).

Kira told the other moms, "If it was my choice, I would not be here," when she returned to the studio with Kalani. Kira hadn't contacted Abby before they showed up at the studio, so their arrival caused drama between the moms and for the students. With Kalani returning to the ALDC for the second time after her mom fought with Abby, it wasn't a surprise that when she showed up at the studio, Abby was not pleased. Abby refused to put Kalani in the group number because Kalani had missed a day of rehearsal and fought with Kira over it.

The controversial dance teacher later told Kalani that her being out of the group dance was penance for leaving the team the week before. Although I did not agree with Abby comparing her dance company to any religion (ohhh, Abby), she was right to not rework the dance for a student who voluntarily left the company. Kalani still went to the competition and helped comfort JoJo after she messed up her solo and it seems that she'll be a full-fledged member of the ALDC again after her week off. And that's a good thing since the team will definitely benefit from her return as they are coming up to nationals. Let's see if Kira and Abby can go more than two weeks without fighting though.

Image: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime