8 Men Who Should Be Considered For 'The Bachelor’

At this point I think everyone is on the same page when I say that Ben Higgins is the frontrunner for The Bachelor, but let’s pretend for a moment that Ben H. is not the only one in the running. Who would be up next? Luckily for you I ranked eight former contestants in the order of least considerable (but still considerable) to most considerable options to become the next Bachelor.

Earlier this month E! News announced that Ben H. was the new Bachelor. Then, Higgins told Entertainment Tonight that there have been no conversations about him becoming the next Bachelor. Then, on the first episode of Bachelor In Paradise's talk show, After Paradise, host Chris Harrison again insisted that they hadn't chosen yet, and he will be announcing the final choice on After Paradise in a few weeks.

It takes a lot to be the Bachelor. You have to be relatable, kind, and a good person. Mainly, you have to not be Juan Pablo and you have to be more interesting than Chris Soules. (Sorry, boys.) Seems pretty easy, right? After 19 seasons of The Bachelor and 10 of The Bachelorette, there are a lot of contestants to choose from. So, besides Ben H., who are some of the considerable candidates?

8. Nick Viall

I know Nick Viall is pretty controversial in the Bachelor world and you either love him or you hate him, but you can't deny he's entertaining. He's the lowest on my list because I'm pretty sure people would boycott if he was chosen, but I firmly believe Nick Viall and his beard deserve to find love.

7. Chris "Cupcake" Strandburg

After Kaitlyn left Cupcake stranded on a cliff in Ireland sobbing, maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing for ABC to throw him a bone and try to find him a wife. People seemed to like him this season and some man tears never hurt anyone.

6. Robert Graham

Do you guys remember Robert from Desiree's season and Bachelor In Paradise Season 1? First he got kicked off simply because Desiree's friend also dated him, and then he left Paradise alone. I was always a Robert fan and think he deserves another shot.

5. Jared Haibon

Have you been watching Bachelor in Paradise?! For whatever reason, Jared is THE guy to go for. While I don't find him particularly attractive, he was genuinely a nice guy. Remember when Kaitlyn let him go and he offered her his jacket like mid-way through getting dumped? I'm pretty confident he could actually find a wife as the Bachelor.

4. Marquel Martin

Right off the bat Marquel won me over in Andi’s season. The black and white cookie and Seinfeld joke he used was perfect, even if Andi completely missed the reference. From then on I really thought he would make a good Bachelor. Of course he went on BiP last season and still didn’t find love so I say we give him another shot.

3. Brooks Forester

Brooks was on Desiree’s season and decided to leave because he didn’t feel as strongly about Desiree as she felt about him. You know what? Sometimes the chemistry just isn't there, and if that was the case why should he stick around and take a rose from someone else that could have been right? Think about this, if Brooks had stayed, Des might not be with Chris right now. He deserves another chance a finding someone right for him.

2. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

First of all, you guys remember Arie from Emily’s season right? Arie needs to be at the top of this list forever because my heart will always belong to Arie. Last year Sean Lowe told People that the producers told Arie he was the Bachelor. They even filmed his introduction and flew down to his home before replacing him with Chris Soules. I think we can all agree that if this is true it was the biggest mistake ever. #TeamArie.

1. Ben Zorn

I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that if Ben H. is not the chosen one, the runner up is Ben Z. and I speak for every woman when I say that I am 100 percent okay with this decision. Ben Z. was mature and sexy and pretty much perfect.

Basically, the waiting game is killing me. At this point I don't care who is picked, I just want an answer!

Images: ABC/Craig Sjodin