Lady Gaga Is Glam Even As A Cake Decoration

Lady Gaga's version of glam can take many forms and shapes, from heels to hair. Mother Monster is mostly hanging out in left field, gloriously so, when it comes to fashion. So it's no shock that Lady Gaga is glamorous even as a cake decoration.

The singer surprised her duet partner Tony Bennett with a massive, towering cake for his 89th birthday earlier this week. The sweet treat is still worth talking about since it featured miniature sugary versions of Gaga and Bennett. Seriously, the artisans who crafted the figures made sure that the twosome was as fabulous as ever in cake form.

The detail on these cake version of the pair is insane. They look too cute to even eat. I mean, these decorations might not even be edible, but they sure make me have conflicting feelings about noshing on them.

The cake figures also reminded me of that long lost, pre-Artpop song "Cake Like Lady Gaga" that was circulating a few years back. Anyone else remember it?

There was even a promo photo where Ma Monster writhed around in... cake. But this is a totally different cake-like Lady Gaga. She's not all smeared with frosting. She is the frosting.

The detail is fabulous. Gaga's slinky, silvery gown with a slit shows off her heels. Even her pup Asia was rendered in cake form. How handsome is Bennett and his perfect hair?

Whoever made these figures is a true artiste.

Check out Gaga posing with the cake and in cutoff jeans shorts! That's another sight I'd never thought would cross my eyes. Gaga isn't really a jeans girl. But this summer, she really has been going with casual and real looks, which hasn't dulled her style mystique. This summer, vintage rock tees have been her signature look.

The latest rock tee in her summer brigade? Oh, just Slayer! Gaga's all about heavy metal, since she has also been wearing deconstructed Iron Maiden shirts.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (3)