How To Convince People 'Latveria' Is Real

I spend so much of my time living in the Marvel universe these days that it can feel even realer than the real world. I know exactly where to hang up my coat at Stark Tower; I'd feel right at home in Daredevil's besieged Hell's Kitchen; and I could probably lead a walking tour around Asgard, if asked. Unfortunately, those places (or the Marvel versions of those places) are not accessible, due to the teeny, tiny problem of them being fictional. As the newest film in the Marvel canon, Fantastic Four comes with its own set of memorable spots. One of those is Latveria, a country said to be located in Europe. Sure, it's home to the Fantastic Four's nemesis Doctor Doom, but is Latveria a real place?

The thing is: on first hearing, Latveria doesn't sound made up. I'm willing to admit that there's a cluster of tiny republics in Europe that I still get confused about, and I'm sure I'm not the only adult who's still not very confident in my geographical grasp of that area. But in this case, Latveria is very much fake — which doesn't mean you can't still have fun convincing people it's real, though. There are several Latveria-themed shirts to help you take advantage of your friends' comic ignorance, and so next time they ask if Latveria is between Genovia and Metropolis, be sure to wear one of these seven awesome Fantastic Four designs.

1. Latveria Doombots

Doesn't this design look like it could be the logo of a Latverian Little League team? Go, Doombots! Lay off the high ones!

Latveria Doombots, $22, Society6.com

2. School Of Science

"Yes, I studied at the prestigious University of Latveria, getting my Masters in...Doom...ology?"

Latverian School Of Science, $24.80, Redbubble.com

3. Deal With It

Real haven for hipsters, Latveria. It's all craft beers, small-batch chocolate, music festivals, and death. But like, really obscure death you probably wouldn't have heard of.

Deal With It, $20, Teepublic.com

4. Lateverian Olympic Team

Everybody learns a little something about this planet at the Opening Ceremonies, alright? Every Olympic Games, there are at least three countries whose existence is news to me. Tell your friends that Latveria is expected to take the gold in shot put and I guarantee they won't even be suspicious.

Lateverian Olympic Team, $24.80, Redbubble.com

5. Latveria Forever!

Simple, but striking. This nice and subtle t-shirt is just discreet enough to be persuasive.

Latveria Forever!, $22, Society6.com

6. Thanks For Visiting

Straight out of Latveria's kitschiest gift shop, this one will go nicely with your personalized Latveria license plate key chain and novelty shot glass.

Thankks For Visit Latveria!!, $24.80, RedBubble.com

7. Over Armour

One cannot simply walk unprotected into Latveria. Luckily, it's the main producer of Over Armour, a defense-wear company that could be totally legit.

Over Armour, $20, Teepublic.com

With these items in your wardrobe, Latveria can always be real in heart and on your body, along with the rest of Marvel's fantastical locales.

Image: 20th Century Fox