Nicki Minaj's Wax Figure Is One Of The Best Ever

We already know how Nicki Minaj feels about her "Anaconda" video because, if you can't recall, after voicing her frustration about the video not being nominated for a VMA for Video of the Year, her passion sparked an unlikely Twitter spat with Taylor Swift. I never thought I'd be writing that sentence in my life, but the entertainment biz is a weird place. It might not have gotten a Video of the Year nom, but the video was recently given a little shout out when Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas unveiled its "Anaconda" themed Nicki Minaj wax figure. The figure strikes a signature Minaj pose and, well, she looks as hot as you can as a wax figure.

As pointed out by Minaj herself on her Instagram account, the pose was taken directly from the "Anaconda" video, and it's awesome it was chosen because the rapper is obviously proud of and comfortable with her body, which is a beautiful thing. The figure will be on display in the new Music Room at the Vegas museum, and Billboard reports that Nicki Minaj is the first female rapper to have a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's, further proving her status as a cultural icon.

So, how much does Minaj like her wax figure? It's safe to say that she reaaaallly likes it — and with good reason! I mean, it actually looks like her, which is almost surprising considering the horrors of what celebrity wax figures can be. (The Jennifer Lopez one shouldn't even be allowed to be labeled as Jennifer Lopez.) Minaj went on an Instagram spree and was boasting and so proud of her wax figure, which I think is really adorable:

Aside from the wax figure actually looking like Minaj, it's exciting because the 32-year-old is joining the ranks of epic firsts for Madame Tussaud's. Earlier this summer, Laverne Cox was unveiled as the museum's first transgender star at the location in San Francisco. Wax figures may seem trivial, but it's a step in the right direction that people in our culture are being recognized the same way regardless of race, sex, or gender; from female rappers to transgender icons. Now, one question I have for Madame Tussauds: Will "Anaconda" be playing on a loop 24 hours a day in the Nicki section of the museum? Because it should.