9 Of The Most Surprising Celeb 'Daily Show' Guests

Since 1999, Jon Stewart has been one of the most popular news anchors on television — and his show is supposed to be a satire. Over the years The Daily Show has grown from what felt like an elongated version of Weekend Update to one of the most important political talk shows on television. On Thursday, Aug. 6, Jon Stewart will step down from his Daily Show post and move on to new projects and endeavors. He's interviewed politicians across party lines, controversial public figures, and important field journalists who broke some of the world's biggest stories. Though The Daily Show has come to be known for its hard-hitting and high-brow guests, the show has also featured its share of pop stars and buzzy celebs.

It's almost hard to imagine Jon Stewart chatting about anything other than world news and sociopolitical problems, but he is an entertainer and a comedian. When Stewart did speak to pop queens and tabloid regulars, though bewildered, he did manage to make it through the interview and brought fans some great moments along the way.

Here are some of of Stewart's most surprising celebrity guests in all of their awkward, "What are you doing on this show?" glory.

1. Justin Bieber

In 2011, Stewart brought on Justin Bieber and they switched bodies at the top of the show. As awkward as it was, at least The Daily Show got Bieber to make fun of his own hair.

2. The Spice Girls

It is glaringly obvious that Jon Stewart knew essentially nothing about The Spice Girls and that The Spice Girls weren't too keen on his sense of humor. Also, what's with all the questions about marriage and babies? C'mon, mate.

3. Christina Aguilera

Dirrrrrrty era Christina Aguilera plus tabloid gossip plus a political news show does not make for a strong interview. Props to Christina Aguilera for bringing the conversation back to her work.

4. Kid Rock

I'm not sure if it's more surprising that Kid Rock was on the show or that his album went platinum. Kid Rock, who stands for all things 'Murica has a target demo that is, how do you say, the complete opposite of The Daily Show's viewership.

5. Kelly Clarkson

For starters, THOSE PANTS. Though you might not expect a pop star like Kelly Clarkson to wind up on The Daily Show, the interview was actually quite endearing because Stewart admits he loves her music. That said, his thoughts on From Justin to Kelly are less than complimentary. Clarkson owns it by responding, "It's not supposed to be like, The Shawshank Redemption."

6. Johnny Knoxville

Something about Johnny Knoxville, a guy who makes a living out of stapling his penis to things and being mean to people with pranks doesn't scream The Daily Show. He was as surprised as all of us that Bad Grandpa was nominated for an Oscar, even if it was in the makeup department.

7. Sacha Baron Cohen As Admiral General Aladeen

*rolls eyes*

8. Jerri Manthey

It's easy to forget that Survivor used to be a HUGE deal because our TV is so steeped in reality television. However in 2001, Survivor was groundbreaking. Jerri Manthey, who was a former tribe member, also posed for Playboy, which she talked about with Stewart. Reality TV stars would rarely be found on The Daily Show nowadays.

9. Carmen Electra

Oh how far this show has come...

As incredible as Stewart's final guests on Thursday will be, let's not forget that The Daily Show hasn't always been full of Presidents, Pulitzer Prize winners, and Nobel laureates. These poppy celebs deserved their time in The Daily Show sun, too.