Daft Punk's "Instant Crush" Video Is a Modern Love Story With A Lot of Wax

Daft Punk has done it again: Only a few months after releasing their insanely popular song — arguably the song of the summer, "Get Lucky" — the electronic music duo has just come out with their next single that's going to get stuck in your head for weeks, and they've combined your favorites for it: Good music, and Julian Casablancas. In Daft Punk's new music video for "Instant Crush," Casablancas portrays a wax doll with no name (let's call him Theodore!) who, upon arriving at the museum where he is destined to teach art aficionados about history, instantly falls in love with another hottie wax doll with no name (let's call her Patrice!). At nights, when the museum is empty and closed for the night, the two hang out and stare at each other a lot. It's a modern love story, really.

The lyrics, of course, fit perfectly with the visuals: "And we will never be alone again/ 'Cause it doesn't happen every day," Casablancas sings, as wax doll Theodore and wax doll Patrice fall further and further in love.

Unfortunately, this doesn't have a happy ending — two wax dolls could never build a future together — but I won't give it away for you all. Watch below instead!