See Exclusive First Look At 'Addicted To Fresno'

Premiering at 2015's South By Southwest festival, Addicted to Fresno stars Parks & Recreation's Aubrey Plaza, Jurassic World's Judy Greer, and Orange is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne. The film is a comedy about two sisters who are completely co-dependent on one another. Shannon (Greer) is a recovering sex addict, who takes a job as a maid at Fresno Suites along side her younger sister Martha (Lyonne). But soon Shannon relapses, and accidentally kills a hotel guest in the process. Martha does everything possible to help cover up her sister's crime, but as expected, nothing goes as intended. Rounding out the talented cast are Saturday Night Live vets Molly Shannon and Fred Armisen, plus Ron Livingston (who seems to be in just about every indie film to come out of 2015).

Judy Greer has had a busy year, appearing in the TV series Married, another SXSW addition, Grandma, as well as bigger blockbuster flicks like Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, the Entourage movie, and even Ant-Man. Co-star Lyonne is best known for her recent work in Orange is the New Black, the Emmy-winning Netflix series.

Check out the exclusive poster from the film below, and see Addicted to Fresno when it hits On Demand Sept.1 and theaters Sept. 2.

Watch the NSFW trailer below: