Beyoncé Knowles & Joe Biden 2016 — Enough Said

Who run the world? Girls! Who run America? Beyoncé Knowles and Joe Biden? If you're a visionary, then the answer is "Sure, why not?" Many have joked about the notion in the past, fantasizing about a utopian society in which Queen Bey rule the land, perhaps the only kind of monarchy Americans will allow, but nobody has really seriously considered it as a possibility. She is an entertainer, after all. However, it turns out, we were all just being short-sighted. The only thing missing from the Beyoncé 2016 scenario was a seasoned politician as her running mate — like Vice President Joe Biden. In perhaps what is the biggest epiphany America has ever had, the Beyoncé and Joe Biden 2016 campaign could be exactly what this country needs.

Yes, she may not be as well-versed on education reform or foreign policy as one might require of a commander-in-chief, but that's where Biden comes in. The two already have an established friendship and rapport from Beyoncé and Jay Z's many visits to the White House. What, you think they only go see Obama? At least 40 percent of the time they go to lip-synch battle '80s hip-hop hits with Biden. Fact. So the public can rest assured knowing the president and vice president can work harmoniously and will always have each other's back.

Furthermore, Biden has a proven track record as vice president, not to mention his long political career as senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has the experience to advise, guide, and fill in for Beyoncé if she needs to excuse herself for a video shoot or the Met Gala.


What's more, Obama will certainly be thrilled, or at least relieved. His loyalty to both Biden and Hillary Clinton, his former Secretary of State, has put him in a tough position of forced neutrality when it comes to who will receive his endorsement. With Bey in the mix, Obama will have to support his VP by default. Sorry, Hillz, but it's just an issue of being outnumbered. You want Obama's endorsement? Choose Jay Z as your running mate. (Or, perhaps you can pull off the ultimate coup and get Beyoncé herself?)

If these very convincing and totally legit reasons aren't enough to sway you to support Knowles and Biden for 2016, then I'll let their Twitter campaign speak for them. Here are four more reasons why Beyoncé should run America.

She Has The Power To Empower & Inspire

Biden Was A Natural Choice For Running Mate

Bey Has Proven That She Cares About The People

She's More Decorated In This Area Than Any Of The Other Candidates Combined