These Liz & Austin Photos Will Make You Gag

It should be no surprise to any viewer of Big Brother 17 that Austin is the worst. But, the only thing worse (and creepier than regular Austin, are photos of Liz and Austin. Their unbalanced relationship has been a big point of discussion for those inside the house, as well as the viewing public at home. Reactions range from "Ew!" to "Why?" and "Please, can someone make this stop?" The relationship of Lizten is founded on two undeniable facts: 1.) Austin abandoned a relationship of two years so that he could mack on a girl he has only known for a little bit over a month. 2.) Liz doesn't actually like Austin, but Austin is not aware of this. This combination of "too much love" and "not nearly enough love" creates for some of the most awkward moments on television this side of The Office.

As if the nature of their emotional connection wasn't awkward enough, Austin's physical connection with Liz makes it seem as though he has completely forgotten that he is being broadcast to national television. These 15 images of Austin and Liz are just a small sampling of the disregard for physical space that Austin has shown during his time in the BB house.

1. Cuddle Sesh

Liz's arm looks extremely uncomfortable.

2. Across Great Distances

Austin is reaching across from one dentist chair to another just to make contact with Liz.

3. The Gaze

That is the most unattractive face I've ever seen anyone have.

4. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid


5. The Kiss

Liz looks like she's being smothered, figuratively and literally.

6. Always Watching

Liz doesn't even look alive in this picture.

7. Goin' In For The Ol' Spider-Man

Liz is asleep in far too many of these pictures, and, yet, that hasn't stopped Austin.

8. Austin's Hand Is Branching Out

This would actually make an amazing album cover if Liz decided to be the Justin Timberlake of the Whackstreet Boys.

9. Sneaking Away

It looks like Liz is using gravity to help her fall away from Austin's reach.

10. Hairplay

I'm not even sure what Austin is doing here. Is he just feeling her hair or is he about to tug on it to wake her up? Who knows?

11. One Day I'll Be Free

Liz looks like she's singing a sad Disney song in her head about dreaming of a better life.

12. Movin' On Up


13. Back To Back

Liz's body language is saying a thousand words right now and they're all screaming "help!"

14. Austin, Please

Austin, you're clearly hurting her. Please stop.

15. How Everybody Feels About Austin

This one is actually a legitimately great picture. Austin doesn't look like he's in the best shape though.

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Image: Sonja Flemming; Screengrab/CBS