13 Epic 'The O.C.' Kisses Ranked By The Amount Of Romance Released Into The SoCal Atmosphere

There are plenty of great reasons to watch The O.C . (the perpetually juicy story lines, early '00s fashion, and Sandy Cohen all come to mind) but, if I'm being honest with myself here, I ultimately loved The O.C. as much as I did for one major reason: the epic 'ships. Sure, there was a lot to love about Seth Cohen's witty quips, but I think most people would agree that it was totally worthwhile for him to shut up in order to kiss his one true love, Summer Roberts. Alternatively, Ryan Atwood may have been a man of few words, but perhaps that's because his lips were put to better use when they were kissing Marissa Cooper (or Taylor Townsend, if that was more your thing.)

Yep, plot and dialogue were both important on The O.C., but I'm pretty sure that I could watch a supercut of the show's best romantic moments and be at least partially satisfied with my viewing experience. I blame the kisses: All of them were ridiculously epic and made any of the kisses I actually experienced in high school look like bad attempts at practice. It's no wonder fans still swoon over them — they were a vital part of the DNA of The O.C.

So, here are some of the most epic kisses that this teen drama had to offer, ranked. (You're welcome.)

13. When Ryan Confronted His Fear Of Heights

allovertheplacer on YouTube

Ryan doesn't seem so badass when you realize that his biggest fear is carnival rides. Of course, Marissa distracting him with a kiss probably made him associate way happier memories with Ferris wheels.

12. When Anna Made A Move On Seth

Anthony Zimmerman on YouTube

Unfortunately, Anna's biggest flaw was simply not being Summer. Still, way to pull a cool move, girl.

11. When Seth's Crush On Summer Paid Off

JaimeBeesVids on YouTube

Memorizing the poem that your crush wrote in the sixth grade? Slightly creepy IRL, but on TV, it's so romantic.

10. When Ryan & Marissa Had Their New Year's Kiss

Jennifer Cloud on YouTube

And none for Oliver Trask.

9. When Ryan Made Lindsay Speechless, Literally

Gemma S on YouTube

Am I the only one who kind of liked the whole Ryan/Lindsay 'ship? You have to admit, this scene was adorable.

8. When Cohen Made A Scene

Andra Copot on YouTube

"Acknowledge me now, or lose me forever." Thank God she acknowledged him.

7. When Ryan "Faked" A Kiss With Taylor

Federico Di Lembo on YouTube

At which point I realized I totally wanted this couple to be endgame.

6. When Ryan & Marissa Had The Best Date Ever

Marissa Cooper on YouTube

Which, naturally, ended on the sofa bed.

5. When Marissa Showed Up At Alex's Door

J Jade Nguyen on YouTube

Has a more ridiculously good-looking couple ever existed?

4. When Ryan & Marissa Got Cuddly

Marissa Cooper on YouTube

Ah, the perks of living in a pool house at 17 years old.

3. When Seth & Summer Got All Heroic

jamb06 on YouTube

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst couldn't have done it better.

2. When Seth & Summer Went Under The Sea

BestoftheOC on YouTube

This amazing kiss also featured one of the best musical moments on the show. (Warning: if Coldplay's "Fix You" never fails to make you cry, avoid the above clip while in public.)

1. When Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle Horsed Around

It's true love always with these two.

Who else is dying for a rewatch right about now?

Images: Warner Bros. Television; the-oc-california/Tumblr