10 Seth Cohen Quotes For Everyday Life

Seth Cohen is my destiny. Sorry to call dibs right away, but I will never get over The O.C.'s break out male protagonist. Although he has some qualities that make him a bit undateable IRL (like, you know, the fact that he's completely fictional) he is the nerdy heartthrob we all WISHED the guys at our high school looked like. And that's partially because aside from being super cute (and dark-haired? I swoon) he was easily the most quick-witted teenager in all of Orange County.

Seriously, part of the Seth Cohen charm was in his ability to wield sarcasm as a shield, and he approached every situation with self-deprecating charm. (Or sometimes just self-deprecation.) It's why his Atomic County alter-ego was The Ironist: he was able to disarm his enemies with his sharp words. Take that, Demonic Water Polo Boy!

The O.C. ended in 2007, so we never got to see him live happily ever after with Summer. But his eternal wisdom and biting remarks still live on, and can definitely be applied to your every day struggles. Though this barely skims the surface, enjoy these 10 Seth Cohen lines that you, too, can apply to the fails and triumphs of modern life.

1. When nobody likes your incredibly witty and well-crafted Facebook status

I get told regularly that I'm "hilarious on Facebook" so the one time I didn't get any likes I started questioning my entire worth as a person.

2. When you need a clever way to seduce someone

Works every time, trust me on this.

3. When your friend suggests you make a Chipotle run

A chicken burrito is all you've been thinking about all day, and let's just go for the guacamole this time. #Yolo

4. When you think that the guy you just met on Tinder may be THE ONE

He wants to get coffee sometime and that's perfect because you LOVE coffee.

5. When your ex wants you to meet their new girlfriend

Wow, going on a double date with you two and this guy I just met on Tinder is EXACTLY how I want to spend my Friday night.

6. When Monday is being especially Monday-ish.

I had to wake up early, I left my cellphone at home, and I showed up at the office wearing two different shoes. Can I just quit being a person?

7. When you're trying to pick between two $5 dresses

I dunno, this discounted babydoll dress seems too dressy for a Sunday. Yoga pants it is.

8. When you're trying to get your brother to spill about his last big break-up

But I really LIKED Jessica, what happened between you two?

9. When you get rejected from another entry-level position and need some comfort from your mom

SHE thinks you'd make a great editorial assistant, at least.

10. When you're trying to convince your friend that now is the PERFECT time for an O.C. rewatch

We're not watching anything else, Emily, and that's final.

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