Lauren I. Has A Complicated Love Life

Remember when Ashley I. brought her sister to the second season of Bachelor in Paradise and everyone was like "Who's that?" Well, they might not need to be asking that for long because Lauren Iaconetti is probably leaving Bachelor in Paradise to return a boyfriend she's "in love" with. Yep. You read that right and you're probably wondering, Then why were you there in the first place? Well, promos for Sunday's Bachelor In Paradise episode shows Lauren is in love with a man who has a girlfriend — and she's not the girlfriend. As she describes it, Lauren is the "mistress" in the situation, and she is debating leaving Paradise because her heart is with that man, and not with the guys on the show. So, if she leaves, will it have been worth it? Is Lauren still dating the boyfriend she might ditch Bachelor In Paradise for?

The short answer: Nah. Judging by Lauren's social media presence on Twitter and Instagram, it seems like she is not in a relationship with anyone. If she is, she is keeping it very under wraps and private... which I guess makes sense if you're the "mistress," right? No Instagram tagged photos for this guy.

According to the following tweet, Lauren has an "ex" who reminds her that she won't be loved. Harsh, dude. Hoping this is the same guy that was cheating on his girlfriend with Lauren, since I'd like to think she hasn't dated two humongous jerks (to put it nicely).

Over the Independence Day holiday, Lauren also tweeted that she should remind herself that guys can really suck sometimes.

So, maybe I'm a pessimist, but I'd say all signs point to single. And really, is that the worst thing at this point? Lauren deserves to be more than a mistress. Do I hear a Bachelorette 2016 campaign forming? I think things could get very interesting on a show like that if this tweet is any indication.

Images: Lauren Iaconetti/Twitter