Why We Should All Be Suspicious Of 'PLL's Lucas

By Kaitlin Reilly

It's all happening, Pretty Little Liars fans: we're finally going to learn the real identity of Charles DiLaurentis and, seemingly put the end to the Big A mystery for good. But, while we may be waving goodbye to three seasons of mystery when we finally learn who is underneath Big A's hoodie, the liars aren't necessarily out of the woods just yet. An even badder Big Bad known as Pretty Little Liars' "Uber A" could still be out there, and there's evidence to suggest that we should all be looking at one of the liars' allies as one of the main suspects. Tuesday's episode "Last Dance" hinted that Lucas may become Uber A, and it's enough of a clue that should have us all keeping an eye on this guy for the rest of the series.

If you watched Tuesday's episode (and if not, what the heck are you waiting for?) you may not remember seeing Lucas at all. That's because you didn't: Lucas never appeared at the prom, but his name was dropped when the girls were looking at photos. The girls noticed that Lucas and Jenna were standing next to each other at prom, and that Jenna seemed to be paying Lucas for something. Spencer then joked that Jenna probably was tipping Lucas, because she "probably thought he was her Uber driver."

OK, so maybe I'm crazy here, but given all of the tiny clues that the Pretty Little Liars team drops on the daily, I'm going to analyze the heck out of this statement. For one thing, let's talk about the obvious: you don't tip Uber drivers in cash. The Pretty Little Liars' writers live in Los Angeles, where Uber is ubiquitous, so for someone on staff not to know this seems a little unlikely. Secondly, Jenna and Lucas were at prom, so wouldn't it have made more sense for Spencer to say that Jenna thought Lucas was her limo driver?

Obviously, there are more reasons than just the name-dropping of Uber that puts Lucas high on the suspect list for Uber A. For one thing, Lucas absolutely loathed Alison: he wanted her gone so badly that he teamed up with Mona and the rest of the anti-Ali army to attempt to take her down. He even helped the girls make sure that Ali went to prison for Mona's murder. After the girls learned that it wasn't Ali behind the crimes, Lucas seemed to be MIA. Was that because he didn't really want to help the girls as much as he wanted to hurt Ali?

We know that the Pretty Little Liars Big A story will end in Season 6A, and creator I. Marlene King suggested to PEOPLE that the Big A story will close a chapter in the liars lives, meaning that whoever the new PLL villain is, they likely won't have the same motives as Charles. While we don't yet know why Charles is really after the girls, he seems very interested in getting back to his family — but Uber A might have a more nefarious agenda.

That's why Lucas is the most obvious suspect for Uber A. Fans have pointed out that Charles DiLaurentis is an anagram for "Nerd Lucas Is The Liar" — and while I don't think that Lucas is actually Charles (he's simply too young for the role) it's odd that the name Charles would fit so perfectly into that anagram. Then, there's the fact that his last name, Gottesman, is the only last name of German descent of all the characters — and "Uber" just happens to be a German word. Could Lucas pick up where Big A — aka Charles — leaves off in Season 6A? Bustle's PLL podcast has some Charles and Lucas theories too, which you can check out below.

There are just way too many tiny clues about Lucas to be a coincidence. He may not be A right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was already setting an Uber A plan in motion. I don't trust this guy, and neither should the liars.

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