Is Rhys A DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars'?

In case you weren't already confused enough by Charles, Freddy, Big A, Red Coat, Black Widow, and all of the other identities there are to keep track of, Pretty Little Liars added Rhys Matthews into the mix on Tuesday night, giving fans yet another mystery to solve. We hardly know anything about the Carissimi Group employee, except that he signed Hanna's scholarship check, is clearly hiding something, and looks a hell of a lot like Jason. After meeting him and snapping a sneaky photo, Spencer and Hanna decided that he must be connected to A in some way, so now fans have to wonder, is Rhys Charles DiLaurentis?

The answer has to be no, because I. Marlene King has promised that Charles is someone we've seen before, and as much as he resemblances Jason, Rhys is obviously not played by Drew Van Acker. If anything, it seems that Rhys may be related to the DiLaurentis family in some way. If he's not Charles, perhaps he is another long lost child. Or, since Mr. Hastings is Jason's biological father, Rhys could be a secret son of his — though Hanna pointed out that he also resembles Ali, making this less likely. It should also be pointed out that Rhys seems to have a British accent, just like a certain prime Charles suspect: Wren Kingston. The evidence for that theory is spelled out below.

Later in "FrAmed," the Liars caught Rhys waiting outside of the gallery exhibiting Aria's work — which was hijacked by Charles — and decided to follow him. But when they got there, they saw Aria's photographer friend Clark get out of his car and enter the same abandoned doll factory, causing them to leave this scene. So now it seems that whatever Rhys is up to, Clark is somehow involved in as well.

We didn't get any more answers about what the two were up to, except for Tanner seeing someone on a surveillance camera who looked like either Rhys or Jason messing with the paintings at the gallery. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of the suspicious Jason lookalike, because even if he's not Charles, he's definitely up to something. For more Charles theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC