Watch These Guys Try To Contour Their Faces

Cosmopolitan had a group of guys try to contour their faces by simply going off of a single picture of a pre-contoured face and it's as hilarious as you think it would be. In the video, you can watch the guys pick up fluffy blush brushes and eyeshadow c-brushes, and paint their faces with an array of foundations and concealers. During the process, some thoroughly expressed their confusion while others sounded pretty confident, "Move over Kim Kardashian. Here comes Ted White." LOL.

After the guys were finished laying out the contouring, they all looked pretty proud of the outcome despite their humorous comments like, "I look like I just ate a lot of chocolate," regarding the shades of brown foundation that were splotched onto their cheeks, foreheads, and noses. Afterwards, they picked up different brushes and sponges and began wiping the various foundations all together in an attempt to blend.

But in all honestly, it really wasn't all that bad. In fact, I was genuinely impressed to see that some of the guys were using dabbing techniques in order to blend out the liquid products evenly. I mean, considering Ashley Tisdale along with many makeup artists went out to Kim Kardashian's master class to learn the art of contouring, it's pretty clear that contouring isn't exactly an easy-breezy makeup technique. In the end, I have to say that these guys all did fabulously.