Shelli & Clay Are Not Acting Their Age

Throughout the competition, the Big Brother showmance of Shelli and Clay has people talking about their ages. But, I don't think the important thing here is how old Shelli is versus how old Clay is. True, the couple has 10 years between them, but that doesn't mean anything. The more pressing issue is how childishly both have handled their nominations this week. Shelli may be 33 and Clay may be 23, but on Big Brother 17 they have been acting like spoiled kids.

As soon as James put the two of them on the block, Clelli responded by a.) throwing Vanessa under the bus and b.) getting wildly emotional. For Shelli, it was sadness as she ramped up the tears. ("Why this week? This is the worst week!") And, for Clay it was anger. ("James is a piece of sh*t.") But, either way, they haven't been acting the slightest bit their age this week. While some houseguests have handled their looming evictions with grace and maturity (Jason), Shelli and Clay has responded by acting like it is the world's biggest tragedy that they were nominated.

First of all, I don't understand how they thought they'd sail through this game together. Not only is Shelli a beast at competitions and a huge threat, but they're a showmance. Obviously they'd be a target.

I get that they're upset, but there are ways to campaign to stay that don't involve throwing your alliance members under the bus, crying for days, or acting like this was a personal attack. It's a game, guys. So, let's try not to be super poor sports.

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Image: CBS