Will Melania Trump Attend The GOP Debate?

Thursday will be a big day for the GOP's presidential candidates — namely the party's front-runner, business mogul and controversy-spewing Donald Trump. Quite uncharacteristically, Trump has sworn off targeting his rivals up on stage, calling for a "civil" debate focused on the real issues. It's a pretty ironic statement from someone known for giving out critics' private phone numbers and consistently returning insults blow-for-blow with razor comebacks that include "loser," "dummy," "moron," "idiot," etc. Through all his nasty comments, slanderous speeches, and bizarrely childish tweets, Trump's current wife has been fairly silent in sharp contrast with the vocal, politically active wives of Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and other GOP notables. So, here's a question: Will Melania Trump attend the first GOP presidential debate? There's no doubt her husband will make a splash, and if she's there to see it, how will she react?

As of Wednesday evening, there's been no comment from The Donald about Melania or his children attending to support him. Many of them have vocally stood behind his statements and participated in his campaign. Meanwhile, Melania has publicly said little of her husband's latest bid for the presidency beyond re-tweeting his presidential announcement in June. We can hardly blame Melania for preferring to put some distance between herself and her husband's controversial campaign — she's a successful business mogul herself in the fashion industry, and her husband's nasty comments have certainly lost him big business deals. She's wise to see that defending or supporting his comments could potentially earn her the same fate.


Back in 2012, Melania expressed disinterest in the position of First Lady in an interview with Refinery 29. "I don’t think about being First Lady," she stated, elaborating that her life was busy enough, raising a child and designing jewelry. But this interview took place more than three years ago. It's 2015 and with the presidential election just over a year away, her husband is making serious strides toward the Republican nomination. Trump dominated the majority of the polls used by Fox to determine the debate line-up, and as difficult as it is to take the business mogul's campaign seriously, it's starting to look like the Republican Party — and his wife — are going to have to.

Whether or not Melania supports Trump and his views and shocking approach to politics, we'd love to hear her contribute to the political dialogue surrounding him as he continues to surge in early GOP polls. Attending the first GOP debate in which he'll take center stage to discuss hot-button political issues and proceeding to comment on his stances could be a big first step in doing so.

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The position of first lady of the United States entails plenty of responsibility, political activeness, and initiative — Michelle Obama has been as active as her husband throughout his past two terms. If Melania doesn't support or at least have anything to say about her husband's bold bid for the White House, whether its praise or criticism, that should certainly raise a red flag or two. Whether or not Melania attends the first GOP debate could say a lot about Trump and how seriously you should take his bid for the presidency.