Springsteen Is Jon Stewart's Last Moment Of Zen

While it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite signature staple of The Daily Show , Jon Stewart's "Moment of Zen" ranks high for many of us — so it was fitting that Stewart and Bruce Springsteen brought us one final "Moment of Zen" that lasted more than a moment and couldn't have been more perfect. The beloved tradition that occurred at the very end of each episode served as one last moment of brevity before Stewart signed off for the night. And tonight, Stewart described it as "my moment of zen" and it served as an epic sendoff for the comedian who has been a staple of our lives for the past 16 years.

As expected, Stewart's final episode was a roller coaster of emotions. For many of us who grew up begging our parents to let us stay up past our bedtimes so we could watch The Daily Show, it truly marks the end of an era. And, let's be honest, as we wiped our eyes after watching Stewart's farewell episode, we were in serious need of one final moment of zen. But I also found myself wondering, "what moment of zen could possibly do this historic episode justice?" Let's just say that Springsteen delivered, and then some. Stewart, who grew up in New Jersey like the Boss, joined Springsteen onstage as he performed "Land Of Hope And Dreams" — the perfect song selection for a show that has, at its core, been about the country Stewart so deeply loves and cares about.

After that, Springsteen performed "Born To Run," as Comedy Central let viewers watch past and present members of The Daily Show staff celebrate Stewart on the studio floor, until the host took the microphone and said one last goodbye.