So This Is How Men's Swimwear Has Evolved

Women aren't the only ones with options when it comes to swimwear and its trends. Bathing suits have evolved over time and reflect modern bodies and influence. But didja know that men's swimwear has evolved significantly in the past 100 years, shifting from dowdy one-piece suits to trendy trunks to Speedo-like nut huggers to board shorts? Yes, it actually has. It's quite a developed category for men's apparel.

I never spent more than 30 seconds thinking about how dude's swim trunks got from A to B. I just figured dudes from all eras wore a pair o' bottoms and that was that. However, this amazing three-minute video, created by, is a crash course in men's swimwear. It's broken down by decade.

Some periods were way better than others, yet it's important to remember that the suits reflected the times. It's intriguing to see how trends and looks have changed for males based on periods of history.

Even better, if your preference is for a bare-chested, six pack-sporting hunk modeling sometimes skimpy swimsuits with a smile on his face, well, you can watch this video and gawk along with your history lesson. He certainly isn't shy about his junk.

Men can also take some inspo for their own beach and lounging-by-the-pool pursuits.

Here's a decade-by-decade gander, with the model styled for the time period.

This striped suit resembled long johns or a summer prison uniform. This style had to be more functional than fashionable.

This was a bit of a style upgrade from its predecessor, since it appears more movable and ocean-friendly.

Ah, finally, some shirtless options. This belted pair felt very superhero.

The trunk shape was starting to... take shape.

Is it me or did these things start getting tighter and tighter?

That print is so Greg Brady.

I'm starting to see a Speedo shape.

Length came back into fashion but I'm getting that whole "tigher-is-better" thing.

Board shorts are still popular and utilitarian today. They offered more roominess and less junk-clinging.

See above and see what I mean.

This is where we are today. That looks about right. Fitted, but not too tight. Long, but not too long.

Go ahead and take a class on the evolution of men's swimsuits by watching the video below.

Images: YouTube (12)