Check Out Del Toro x Moda Operandi's M'Oticons

Honestly, is there any trend out there that's more fun than emoji-inspired fashion? Del Toro and Moda Operandi have paired up once more, to create a whole new line of M'Oticons — and the new collection features just about every emoji you could possibly imagine, all paired together for maximum cheekiness.

Emoji fashion is often the perfect intersection of pop culture flair, in-the-know quirkiness, and customizability, and the range of products out there means that pretty much everyone is covered. I mean, there's everything from delicate and subtle emoji jewelry (as well as in-your-face emoji jewelry, of course) to sequin-covered emoji hair clips — but the best of the group by far might just be the Del Toro x Moda Operandi's emoji shoes. Their first emoji-emblazoned collection launched in the spring of 2014 and included favorites such as #theshit loafer (three guess as to which particular emoji illustrates the toes of that particular pair of shoes). Well, now, as we slowly make our way into the fall season, more M'Oticons are on the way.

The new loafers are available for both men and women, and they come in linen and velvet. The only downside? Well, they'll run you up a cool $340 — but that doesn't mean we can't at least look at them, right? Here are a few of their best offerings:


Women's M'O Exclusive #FlyMeToTheMoon, $340, Moda Operandi


Men's M'O Exclusive #Awkward, $340, Moda Operandi


Women's M'O Exclusive #QueenOfHearts, $340, Moda Operandi


Women's M'O Exclusive #ShrimpCocktail, $340, Moda Operandi


Women's M'O Exclusive #PartyTime, $340, Moda Operandi

I thought the #FlyMeToTheMoon shoes were particularly sweet, and I'd feel remiss if I didn't mention the #Awkward loafers, seeing as that emoji understands me on a deep level.

Check out the rest of the collection over at Moda Operandi.