Has Anyone Chosen To Leave 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Talk about making a quick exit! Bachelor In Paradise Season 2 may have only just started, but it looks like someone is already gearing up to make a big departure — and on a completely voluntary basis, might I add. During last week's premiere, viewers were introduced to Lauren Iaconetti, Ashley Iaconetti's sister and BiP newcomer. And, while she's proven to make an interesting addition to The Bachelor family thus far, it doesn't look like it's a relationship that's meant to last. According to a preview for Sunday's episode, Lauren is planning on leaving Bachelor In Paradise during the show's second week. Why? Well, apparently, she's already kinda, sorta, seeing someone back home and wants to pursue the romance further. But, has anyone voluntarily left Bachelor In Paradise before? Or is Lauren the first to potentially throw the opportunity away?

Surprisingly, she wouldn't even be close to the first to walk away from Paradise. Despite the fact that the show's only been on for one full season, the reality series has already had six voluntary exits. So, if Lauren decides to leave to pursue that man, she'll become the seventh such contestant to leave the show of their own free will.

1. Michelle Kujawa

Speaking of early exits, this contestant decided to walk out during the premiere episode, having hinted that she already had a special someone in her life at the moment. Of course, it was later discovered that the "special someone" in question just so happened to be the show's producer, Ryan Putz. When asked about the incident, host Chris Harrison said Putz no longer worked for the show. “We don’t have a lot of rules on the show, but ‘You don’t sleep with the cast’ is one of them," he joked. Putz, for his part, hasn't ever spoken about the topic, so he'd probably rather have it behind him for good.

2. Ben Scott

After it was discovered that he had a secret girlfriend back home (he and his now-fiancée Lindsay Higgins had reportedly started dating right before the show went into production), Ben decided to pack up and leave the show for good. I can't help but wonder how long he would've continued on the show if that secret love letter of his hadn't been found. I guess we'll never know.

3. & 4. Chris Bukowski & Elise Mosca

Because of a knee injury, Chris decided at the Week 3 Rose Ceremony that he was done with the show and wanted to go home. But, not before throwing one more curveball into the mix. During his exit, he asked fellow BiP member, Elise, if she would be interested in leaving with him — an offer which she whole-heartedly accepted. They're not still together today.

5. Clare Crawley

Tired of all the drama and unfair ridicule, Clare opted to leave during Week 5 — not to pursue another relationship — but rather just because she was just sick and tired of all the slut-shaming BS she was receiving. And really, who could blame her?

6. Jesse Kovacs

Granted, this departure was more about saving face than actually wanting to leave, but I suppose it still counts. Knowing that he pretty much ruined things with Christy, Jesse didn't want to give her the satisfaction of sending him home, so he decided to call it quits instead.

Suffice to say, BiP departures are way more common than you may have thought. So, if Lauren leaves, she'll be in good company.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2); Lindsay Higgins/Instagram; Elise Mosca/Instagram; Clare Crawley/Instagram; Jesse Kovacs/Instagram