Owen Judge Is "Fantastic" As Young Reed in 'F4'

The new Fantastic Four has a "fantastic" cast — Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan, but they're not alone; in this reboot, fans also see Teller and Bell's characters as children. At the opening of the movie, young Reed Richards and Ben Grimm are trying to build a homemade teleportation machine, and the intro is a great start to the movie; not only does it show the longevity of the friendship between the two characters, but it features child actors who are so freakin' cute. In particular, Reed is adorably nerdy in his glasses, mushroom cut, and cardigan-plaid-button-up combo. But I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this actor before...so who plays Young Reed in Fantastic Four ?

The boy genius is played by Owen Judge, a native of Spring Lake, N.J. He's brand-new, and he's appropriately excited for this opportunity on the silver screen. The young actor has been detailing his journey up to the Fantastic Four release via Twitter, sharing reviews, promos, and messages from his fans. It's always awesome to see a fresh-faced performer enjoying the limelight for the first time, especially when said performer is a hardworking cute kid from a small town. Here are five times that Owen Judge will make you involuntarily go "Aww..."

1. The Time He Made His Debut As Young Reed

The glasses. The fake scar matching Miles Teller's. I can't.

2. The Time He Showed Off Some Love From His Hometown

Judge shared a tweet about this feature on him by a local newspaper. Nothing like a little hometown pride!

3. The Time He Talked About His Role And His Enthusiasm

Judge gave what was ostensibly his first red-carpet interview at the Fantastic Four premiere in NYC, and looked adorable doing it.

4. The Time He Was In A Friendly's Commercial

That face tho...

5. The Time He Was Actually Excited To Be On The Garden State Parkway

I'm pretty sure that no one has ever before tweeted about how happy they are to be sitting in New Jersey Traffic. But if you're on your way to the premiere of your first major film, I guess your perspective is a little different...

So what's next for Owen Judge? He's currently partaking in all of the press surrounding the Fantastic Four release, so keep your ears perked for news of his next big role!

Images: owen_judge/Instagram, ojudge4/Twitter