Slick Chick Will Change How You Put On Your Undies

Despite what a huge market women's underwear is, it's an area of design that doesn't often get reimagined or updated for a modern ladies needs. But the brand Slick Chicks might just change all of that with underwear you can remove without standing up or taking off your clothes.

This fresh underwear design is such an obvious fix to an age old problem. When you first see designer Helya Mohammadian's solution you'll wonder, why didn't I think of that?! Slick Chicks panties feature a hook and eye closure down the side similar to what you find holding your bra in place. The side closure means you can slip in and out of a pair without even taking off your pants! Not only is this a major innovation for any lady who needs to orchestrate a quick, covert switcheroo, but as Mohammadian told Mashable, "Whether it's an expectant mother, someone with a physical handicap or someone who needs assistance changing, the easy clasps make it easy for anyone to change themselves. You can be active, you can be pregnant or in a wheelchair, but know that with this underwear you can really be able to do it yourself."

On top of convenience, the underwear is also made out of breathable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fibers to keep you totally dry all day long. Slick Chicks are available in three styles — bikini brief, thong, and boyshort — all available at a super affordable price, ranging from $26-28. While these briefs are pretty impressive, there's a slew of innovative underthings out there that are equally deserving of your unbridled praise and enthusiasm.

Dear Kate

These panties are basically built to transform you into Wonder Woman. Not only can you wear them with confidence on even the heaviest day of your period without worrying about leaks or stains, but they can even withstand your sweatiest workout or a laugh session that leads to a momentary loss of bladder control.


Just like the underwear above, THINX are built to withstand your heaviest flow (even without a tampon!), keeping you dry, confident, and embarrassment free.


For all you ladies who love a skintight pair of pants or can't seem to leave your leggings behind, Camelflage is here to help you avoid the dreaded camel toe. The underwear has an insert sewn into the front panel the keeps things smooth and lump free so that even your most revealing bottoms still leave a little something to the imagination.


OK, now this is something everyone should be wearing on the regular. The underwear reportedly filters out fart odors so you can secretly pass gas to your heart's content without anyone being the wiser.

Wine Rack Bra

This sports bra holds up to 25 ounces of your favorite beverage so you can stay hydrated (or tipsy) while on the run!

Images: Slick Chicks, Amazon