Style Lessons From 'Mission Impossible's Chic Lead

If you haven't yet had the visceral pleasure of viewing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation , get thee to a big screen immediately — and not simply for Tom Cruise's daringly executed stunts as IMF agent Ethan Hunt. Rogue Nation's crowning glory is The White Queen alumna Rebecca Ferguson, whose portrayal of modern femme fatale Ilsa Faust blows ineffectual Bond Girls out of the water. Authoritative, poised, and ever defiant, Faust's character is never simply an aesthetically pleasing piece of arm candy, despite her many cleverly constructed ensembles. Ferguson as Faust is every inch the career-driven, multitalented modern woman, from her sensible, albeit stylish ponytail to the high heels she constantly tosses aside for greater ease of movement. It seems that Hollywood's fictional females are finally allowed to dress the part of the complex characters they portray, and Ferguson is leading the utilitarian charge.

Granted, there are no fewer floor-grazing evening gowns or sky-scraping stilettos in Rogue Nation than in previous Mission Impossible films, or other thrillers for that matter. Rather, Faust sports elegant attire with functionality built into the fashion, and acknowledges when her sartorial choices impede her objectives. It is this wry self-awareness and embrace of athleisure-inspired clothing that makes Ferguson's character so singular — and so sartorially inspiring. If you, too, wish to ensnare onlookers with your fashion prowess while refraining from especially movement-restrictive pieces, scroll through for style lessons you should steal from Ferguson's portrayal of Faust.

1. Heels Are A (Beautiful) Impediment, So Keep Flats On Hand In Case Of A Sudden Sprint

Ferguson's character Faust is often outfitted with a pair of achingly beautiful shoes, whether they be dove gray peep-toe booties or pointed toe stilettos. However, Faust's beautiful footwear is often cast aside to a bemused Hunt just before the duo attempt a daring stunt. The lesson to be learned from the recurrent theme is to embrace one's love of luxe footwear, with the understanding that heels over three inches will not get you anywhere quickly.

2. Evening Wear Need Not Be Excessively Restrictive

Faust dons a citrine-hued gown for a jaunt to the Viennese Opera, but the character is simply too smart for a bodycon or mermaid silhouette. Instead, the agent sports a slit silk single-shoulder number which happens to offer a significantly larger range of motion to its wearer. Perhaps the age of bandage dresses and fit-and-flair gowns is effectively over.

3. When In Doubt, Leather Up

Faust is a motorcycle enthusiast whose skills are apparent the moment she climbs aboard the bike. But who wants to wear a fussy tiered skirt or delicately embellished ensemble when riding at traffic law-defying speeds? Faust opts for elegance and utility in a streamlined leather suit, providing irrevocable proof that leather truly is a chameleon material.

4. Never Doubt The Power Of Multifunctional Wardrobe Classics

A silk blouse here and an ankle-skimming trench there lend Faust's wardrobe timeless, streamlined sophistication; however, each piece can go from a covert rendezvous with coworkers to a multi-person brawl with no effort whatsoever. One of the most significant components of modern fashion is its ability to serve a myriad of occasions, and Faust's covetable clothing does just that.

Images: Skydance Productions; missionimpossible/Instagram