Jennifer Lawrence's 'Devil You Know' Hitting Shelves 6 Years After Release

More like Katniss Ever-Tween. Jennifer Lawrence, the girl of the hour, apparently has such fiery star power that she got a never-released movie off the shelves. The 22-year-old Oscar winner played a role in the movie The Devil You Know, which has been sadly collecting dust for six years. But no longer! You can watch the trailer for the film, which stars Lena Olin and Rosamund Pike, below. (It looks like some sort of daytime soap, featuring lots of sordid pasts and washed-up actresses.) The Devil You Know will be released on July 9 to iTunes, Amazon Video, and Playstation.

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Blondie J. Law makes an appearance toward the end of the trailer, apparently playing a young Rosamund Pike. But let's not forget Lawrence's more important and groundbreaking tween role as the bratty birthday girl in trailers for MTV's notorious My Super Sweet 16:

Everybody has to start somewhere.