Every 'Game of Thrones' Murder In 1 Handy Graph To Help You Keep Track Of Who's Killed Who In Westeros — INFOGRAPHIC

Game of Thrones isn't a murder mystery, but you sure wouldn't know it by the amount of betrayal and maiming that take place in Westeros. Which characters have killed who on Game of Thrones? Sometimes, it's hard to remember just how intertwined all of these characters are by their bad deeds. Luckily, Bustle has a Game of Thrones murder chart to help you sort things out.

Most HBO shows are known for nudity and violence, but a landscape as vast as this one offers even more variety when it comes to how to off someone. In fact, the following diagram isn't even a complete account of all the murder between Game of Thrones characters, just the ones who are most important to the overall story. Arya Stark has killed more minor characters to avenge her friends than you remember. There are too many who were burned or killed at Westeros by Theon and his men or the Night's Watch who lost their lives in the "Rebellion of the Week" to count. I should not that when compiling data for this chart, I was working under the worst case scenario that Jon Snow is actually dead, though we all know that that is preposterous.

Without further ado, here is a graphic representation of all the murder in five seasons of Game of Thrones. You may be surprised at who has had the most kills... and who hasn't murdered yet despite totally having the right (looking at you Sansa). Put on your favorite sad song, and prepare yourself for the feels.

Images: HBO; Dawn Foster/Bustle