How Many 'The Americans' Seasons Will There Be? This Russian Spy Thriller Could Go On Indefinitely

Whoever said less is more has clearly never worked in the entertainment industry. Because once viewers get ahold of something they love, they have an extremely hard time letting it go. (Which is why spin-offs like Fuller House have garnered so much attention.) As a society, we can't stand the idea of something so near and dear to our hearts coming to an official end. (Hannibal fans know what I'm talking about.) That's why I was so relieved to hear that one of my all-time favorite shows, The Americans , was picked up for a fourth season by FX. The series has always been good at delivering non-stop action. So much so, in fact, that it makes me feel like it could go on forever. But is that necessarily the case? How many total seasons will The Americans actually have?

Unfortunately, such a loaded question is not so easily answered. This Russian spy thriller is not without its fair share of struggles, especially in the ratings department. (And we all know what happens to shows when a network deems the viewership isn't up to snuff.) So if the only factor we're taking into consideration here is from a ratings standpoint, then it could be possible that Season 4 will be its last.

Of course, this is just mere speculation and something that I certainly hope doesn't come to fruition. Despite its lackluster viewership, the series has received massive critical acclaim with some even going so far as to call it the best show currently on TV. So it certainly isn't bad reviews that could possibly give The Americans the boot. The same can be said for the superb acting from both Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, though you wouldn't know it based on all their award show nomination snubs. (But that's an argument for another day.)

But as far as the actual story arc goes, the writers have plenty of time and plot to work with if they're able to continue on with the show for as long as they see fit. The Americans kicked things off in the early '80s and even though some of that time has past, that still leaves us with several years to go within the Cold War era, which concluded in 1991. So if the writers just stay away from big time-jumps, then we could be looking at least six or so more seasons, assuming Elizabeth and Philip can continue to evade the FBI's clutches. However, given the game-changing phone call Paige just made in the Season 3 finale, that may not necessarily be the case. (Though I'd totally be up for witnessing a potential rescue mission if they do get caught.)

It all depends on what the writers have planned. But since the show just barely scraped by this year with a Season 4 pick-up, they may just be trying to take things one season at a time. That being said, if the ratings are good and the actors are willing, then the opportunities are potentially endless for our favorite super spies.

Images: Patrick Harbon/FX; Giphy (2)