9 Reasons Jaclyn Hill Is Awesome, Aside From Her Impressive Makeup Tutorials

If you have not already familiarized yourself with Jaclyn Hill, beauty vlogger and co-creator of the limited edition shade of BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop, it would be in your best interest to do so ASAP. There are so many reasons to love Hill, aside from her Jedi Master contouring skills.

One quick browse around her social media accounts and you will find yourself feeling as if Hill is your BFF. When she’s not self-advertising her beauty channel, updating her followers on upcoming ideas or retweeting subscriber’s sweet messages, Hill tweets and Instagrams personal posts.

Hill is definitely a rare breed of social media personality. We rarely get a look beyond the surface at these cyber stars, but this Florida-based professional makeup artist appreciates the support of her followers to such an extent that she expresses herself openly, giving us a behind-the-scenes pass into her life.

At 25-years-old, Hill is a married woman and proud puppy mommy. She has broken Sephora’s record for most purchased product on its first day of release and has locked down 2016 as the launch for her signature makeup line. It’s all so glamorous, and I wouldn’t blame Hill if she were to get lost in the spotlight. However, she has a good (not to mention perfectly highlighted) head on her shoulders. If we can expect any makeup mogul to stay true to her original aesthetic, it would be Hill.

Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, cyber celebs are able to show us a different side to themselves beyond their profession. Hill takes full advantage of this opportunity, providing us with even more reasons to love her.

Check out 9 ways Hill is awesome besides her impressive makeup tutorial videos, and I can guarantee if you haven't followed her already, you will now.

1. She's 100% Real

She is the social media icon we need but do not deserve. Hill tells it like it is at all times whether it is involving her personal life, opinions, or whether or not she loves a product. Whoever taught her that honesty was the best possibly clearly got through to her. We're not worthy.

2. She Interacts With Her Subscribers

It's pretty cool when a social media personality you admire admires you back and recognizes that you are following them on their journey.

3. She Credits Followers Where It's Due

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

Not only does Hill love her followers, but she appreciates their support and makes sure she tells them over and over again.

4. She Understands Real Girl Struggles

No Pinnochio nose here. Hill is a real girl.

5. She Shares In The Universe's Obsession With The Kardashians

I'm guessing Khloe is her favorite.

6. She Has A Life Beyond Social Media

Believe it or not social media personalities can (and should) sign off and live their lives outside cyber space.

7. She & Her Husband Define #RelationshipGoals

So much swoon.

8. She Loves Dogs

Ah, it's puppy love.

9. She Just Loves All Makeup

And has quite the impressive collection. Jealous.

Image: jaclynhill/Instagram