17 Questions 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Can't Answer About The Show — Even The Hardcore Fans

I got hooked on Pretty Little Liars early: I was an avid reader of the book series and realized immediately after the pilot episode aired that the TV show would become my new addiction. I'm hardly alone in my devotion to this TV series — there are few TV show fandoms quite as dedicated as fans of PLL. I'm not talking about Pretty Little Liars fans simply sending out enthusiastic tweets — though they do send more of those than almost any other show on the planet — I'm talking about crazy-detailed PLL theory videos, Tumblr accounts dedicated to uncovering A's identity, and message boards where fans share the clues that they have gathered. Pretty Little Liars has some of the most dedicated fans on the planet, and ask them a question about the show and they'll gladly answer it for you — if they can, of course.

No matter how loyal a PLL viewer you are, there's a very real chance that you have no idea the answer to some questions the series has post. Why? Well, some haven't been answered yet by the show at all — at least, we all think they haven't been answered. Some of the "answers" PLL gives us tend to be just a tad bit fuzzy. It isn't like we're not paying attention: we're just not 100 percent sure about these things, you know? The hosts of Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave also spend a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of some of these questions.

Here are the questions that even the most hardcore Pretty Little Liars fans may stumble to answer, because not everything is clear in Rosewood:

1. Who Really Killed Detective Wilden? And Why?

So... was it Cece? Did we establish that it was Cece? If so, what was the reason for it? Did she do it to protect Ali or did someone else pay her to take him down?

2. How Long Does It Take To Become A Cop In Rosewood?

Because I'm pretty sure that Toby became one in less than a month. Is this normal for Pennsylvania?

3. Is Jenna Actually Involved With A?

She's perhaps the only person in the series that I might actually understand wanting to torture Ali and her friends: they accidentally led to her losing her eyesight and blackmailed her into staying silent. Yet, Jenna also goes MIA for long stretches of time: is that because she's working with A, or is it because she's just not vital to the story?

4. Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

It has to be Charles... or does it? Mrs. DiLaurentis' son is certainly a top suspect for her murder (he is A, after all) but there's also the chance that he didn't actually take down his mother. Someone else could have easily killed the DiLaurentis matriarch, and it might not even have to do with the A game at all.

5. Is Maya Important Anymore?

Some people are convinced she's still alive. Others are pretty sure that she's persona non grata. I'm on the fence.

6. Did Anyone Find Out What Really Happened To Shana?

Was no one slightly suspicious that Shana was found dead in an auditorium in New York when she had zero business being there in the first place? Why is there no murder investigation for Shana going on right now?

7. How Did Mona Look So Dead In That Trunk?

I thought I understood the rule: no one is really dead on Pretty Little Liars until you see a body. Apparently, that wasn't the case for Mona, who came back from "the dead" even though we saw her looking very much like a corpse.

8. Did Ali Really Know Bethany?

Anyone else find it a tad odd that the liars haven't just flat-out asked Ali if those letters from Bethany were real? We know that A faked Mona's murder, so why not fake the letters, too?

9. Whose Side Is Cece Really On?

She seems to be great pals with Ali, but that doesn't exactly match up with the person who tried to destroy Ali because of that mysterious UPenn incident.

10. Who Really Attacked Ali On Halloween?

If it wasn't really Noel in that baby doll mask, someone else was out to get Ali that night. Could it be the same person who is still trying?

11. Did Wilden Kill Garrett?

Never got a clear answer on this one... but maybe?

12. When Did Charles Come Out Of The Woodwork?

Obviously he had to know what was going on in Rosewood long enough to plan his takeover of the A game, but was he plotting something before Mona stepped foot in Radley? It seems likely.

13. Does Aria Live Alone?

But seriously: where are her parents? Her dad is always off doing something in Syracuse (which is like a 12 hour drive, FYI) and her mom is either in Europe or totally MIA. It's nice that Ella and Byron decided to come around more often once they realized that Aria's life was really in danger.

14. Is Spencer Going To Tell Toby About Her Indiscretions?

No judgement here, Spence, but when you become romantically entangled with not one but three dudes behind your boyfriend's back, you may want to give him a heads up.

15. Does No One Care That Ezra Dated A Minor? Or A Student?

Everyone is getting arrested for everything on Pretty Little Liars, but Ezra seems impervious to legal problems.

16. Does The N.A.T. Club Matter?

Even hardcore fans have no idea how big of a piece they play in this whole puzzle.

17. When Will The Girls Finally Be Able To Live Normal Lives?

Girl, if only I knew.

Hopefully we'll be able to answer some of these questions after the Season 6A finale, but maybe not being able to is part of Pretty Little Liars' charm: it never fails to keep even the most dedicated fans on their toes.

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