Is 'Pretty Little Liars' Harold Crane Really Charles DiLaurentis? This Fan Theory Will Make You Question Everything

There's no such thing as a casual Pretty Little Liars fan, as evidenced by the amount of painstakingly detailed theories about A's identity currently on the web. There are so many incredible (and totally plausible) theories out there, but this one totally blew my mind: Could Harold Crane be Charles DiLaurentis? Pretty Little Liars fans and YouTubers G_xoxo and Bethany_is_a have created a video that will have you questioning everything you think you know about Big A, and it may convince you to re-watch every episode with this guy in it for clues.

For those of you who have zero idea who Harold Crane even is, you aren't completely forgetting about a major PLL suspect. The guy isn't exactly on any of the liars' A radar. Harold runs the Lost Woods Resort, which was home to Mona's original A lair. Harold appears in a few episodes across seasons two and three, first as the Norman Bates-esque motel owner, and then as the new Rosewood High janitor, a job he accepted so he could be close to Mona, the object of his obsession. Harold is definitely creepy as heck, but could he really be the person chasing after the girls? According to this video, there are plenty of reasons it's possible.

The Pretty Little Liars sleuths have truly left no stone unturned when looking for clues, but here's their general theory: Harold is actually Charles' father, and is posing as Charles in order to avenge his son's death. The video was posted back before the show confirmed that Charles is actually alive, but I think that the theory could easily work with Harold actually being Charles DiLaurentis. After all, we have no idea how old Harold really is, and I'm going to assume that the years in a mental hospital could easily make a 26-year-old look just a touch older.

There are so many little clues within the video that point to Charles and Harold being one and the same, but here are the ones that really jumped out:

This (Super Creepy) Letter

This is one of the letters that Harold writes to Mona after he takes the janitor position. Obviously, this is the absolute creepiest (especially considering that Mona is a high school student and Harold is a full-fledged adult), but the context is a tad odd. Harold writes about people "disappearing" from his life, something that has happened since he was little. Charles was put in a mental facility when he was very young, and after that, his siblings "disappeared" from his life. The letter is just specific enough to raise some red flags about Harold's real identity.

Harold Loves His Tea

When we see tea, we often think Wren (because British people love their tea, am I right?). But what if the beverage is a big clue that points to another suspect? When the girls arrive at the dollhouse, their first task is to enjoy tea and cookies with Mona-as-Ali — just as Harold does with Spencer here. Long before the girls ever arrived in the dollhouse, we saw A enjoying tea while shrouded in the black hoodie. It's also important to note that Harold mentions tea in his letter to Mona, which he definitely did not need to do. It's almost as if the writers are suggesting that it's something we should pay attention to.

A Looks For An Apartment After Harold Sells The Resort

Almost immediately after Harold gets a job in Rosewood and sells the Lost Woods Resort, we see A apartment hunting in the newspaper. Coincidence? Or is Harold looking for a place to stay, now that he no longer owns a motel?

I. Marlene King's Suspicious Tweet

Pretty Little Liars showrunner King posted this shortly before the Christmas episode "How The A Stole Christmas" aired, but we never really figured out how this tweet was a "major" clue. What if this was her subtle way of hinting that A is actually named Harold? For more Charles theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

Watch the entire A-mazing video below for more clues, because they're pretty much all as mind-blowing as these four. Harold may be creeping past Wren as my frontrunner for Big A, and major props to these YouTubers who put all of these clues together.

G_xoxo on YouTube

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