Will Jason Come Back Into The 'Big Brother' 17 Game With Some Twist?

I can’t think of a worse moment from this season of Big Brother than the moment when Jason was evicted from the house. I sat on my couch, remote in hand, my face turning into something akin to Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” I may have actually screamed. Because, instead of Austin and his beard bun going home like planned, Vanessa put Jason up for eviction — a house favorite and total underdog who deserved to make it far in the Big Brother house. And I don’t think I’m alone in my reaction. Even some of the houseguests were devastated about the twist: For instance, when Meg started crying, I totally felt her pain. The minute he left, I wanted him back just as much as anyone in that house. But, is that even possible? Have any houseguests ever come back into the house after eviction? And what are the chances that Big Brother will let Jason come back into the game?

Let’s break these questions down, shall we?

First of all: Yes. Of course it’s possible that Jason will come back into the Big Brother house. It’s Big Brother! The game of constant twists and shifts and changes. Nothing is stable in the Big Brother house, everything can always be turned on its head, and the unexpected should always be expected. So, considering Jason coming back into the house would definitely be unexpected, I’m going to go ahead and expect it with a vengeance.

Second of all: Yes. There have been houseguests who have come back into the house after eviction. In fact, it’s a fairly common Big Brother twist. The Previously Evicted Houseguest Twist, which — you guessed it — occurs when a previously evicted houseguest is allowed to come back into the house, happened in Seasons 3, 6, 9, 13, 14, 15, and 16. This means they’re totally on a role with this twist. In fact, the last four seasons have all featured the Previously Evicted Houseguest Twist, which means it would be pretty unlikely that they wouldn’t use it this year. Especially considering this season is all about the Big Brother takeover. And, since there hasn’t been a takeover in weeks, the housemates are long overdue for a shake up.

A shake up like the return of Jason, perhaps?

As for the likelihood of this actually happening, I think it’s clear that the chances are pretty high for someone to come back into the game. Whether or not it’s Jason, well — we’ll just have to wait and see. But, given what a strong competitor he is, if he’s allowed to fight his way back into the house, I’d bet everything I own on him making it in.

I’m just crossing my fingers they enact the twist soon. That house just isn’t the same without my Jason-baby’s adorable face.

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