How To Spike Your Favorite '90s Drinks

by Jessica Learish

Everyone knows that millennials run the Internet, and boy do we love to wax nostalgic about the neon Nickelodeon '90s — especially when it comes to our favorite throwback '90s foods and drinks. That's why I think it's safe to assume that all you grownup '90s kids are going to get pretty excited to learn how to spike your favorite childhood drinks. From bags to boxes, we all chugged our fair share of technicolored, fruity liquids, so in honor of those '90s beverage imbibers being of legal drinking age (and then some), let's get liquored up, shall we?

Those of us who were born in the mid to late '80s had a weird and unprecedented childhood, wedged between a generation that never used a computer, and one that had nothing but computers. It will never stop blowing my mind that there are adult humans who don't remember a time before the Internet. So, how do we take our favorite childhood drinks to happy hour? It's pretty simple: first, travel back in time with the classic commercials, then add the alcohol. If you ask me, there is no greater throwback than a boozy throwback, and that's exactly what's about to happen. So grab your Hawaiian Punch and your Tang, hunt down a few Capri Suns, and get ready to have a really, really good time.

1. Hawaiian Punch Malibu Sunset

Full disclosure, Hawaiian Punch was the first mixer that I ever used — like, ever — which, I think, is confirmation of my expertise on the subject of shamelessly corrupting your childhood memories.

To work this into a more adult palate, check out this Malibu sunset recipe. It calls for pineapple-orange juice, but as the little cartoon man in the weird hat used to ask, "How about a Hawaiian Punch?!" This cocktail also calls for coconut rum and grenadine, the perfect complement to the sweet tropical goodness of the ol' HP.

Mmmmm... so tropical.

2. Capri Sun Margarita

The undisputed best drink ever served up in a bag is the Capri Sun Pacific Cooler, and that is precisely why we must add tequila. It's required. Need a step-by-step tutorial? The good folks over at BuzzFeed Food have you covered:

I want one of these like ASAP.

3. Even Cooler Hi-C Ecto-Cooler

Remember this revelation in Hi-C's juice game? Unfortunately, the corporate juice behemoth no longer prioritizes tie-ins from late '80s and early '90s cartoons. For those of you who slept through the '90s, Ecto-Cooler featured the likeness of Slimer from Ghostbusters on every box. But, don't fret, you can recreate Slimer's flavor with this genius boozy recipe. Add a splash of tequila, and you're good to go.

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

4. Yoo-Hooooo Martini

Who didn't love Yoo-Hoo growing up? If you're looking for the perfect alcoholic twist, this recipe features your favorite liquid dessert in a chocolatey, peppermint, grown-up beverage.

'Tis always the season.

5. Tang With Scotch, Obviously

This cocktail made from Tang, the face-puckering orange powder drink, seriously delivers. I feel like this cocktail would probably work just as well with another childhood fave, Sunny-D. The spiciness of the scotch is a great contrast against the sweet and sour Tang.

And, just like that, Tang is all grown up.

Looking for more ways to give your favorite childhood treats a boozy twist? Check out how many vodka gummy bears it takes to get drunk, and for more great ideas visit Bustle on YouTube.

Images: staveitoff/Flickr; Averie Cooks; Buzzfeed Food/Facebook; hhhyperreal/Instagram; Pass The Sushi; The Kitchn