Round Plastic Backings On Earrings Have A Purpose, So Don't Go Ripping Them Off Just Yet

If you were one of the many people on Twitter yesterday going crazy over the removable plastic backing on earrings, I have found proof that our tween days weren't entirely filled with lies. Two of the most well-known jewelry designers in New York, Erica Weiner and Rony Vardi explain the reason for round backings on earrings. It turns out the round backings are not meant to be removable. In fact, they are strategically put there to give extra support for bigger studs and asymmetrically-shaped earrings. Weiner explained how the backing is there so that it can help to "distribute the weight better so it will keep your earlobe facing forward properly."

It turns out @Chelsea__Smithh's earrings might actually be broken now that the round backing has fallen off. According to Weiner, she too has, "had the plastic disc break off by accident, but I always thought that meant it was broken." And just looking at the size of @Chelsea__Smithh's chunky studs, it definitely seems like she's going to have to find a new pair of earrings or find a way to stick the backing back on. Otherwise, just as Weiner said, the weight distribution will be uneven.

But then again, Weiner also said, "Anyone can wear jewelry any which way they g****** want." So there's that too.

Internet, you can calm down now.

Image: @jackieosilva/Instagram