11 Reasons An Ariana Grande Reality Show Needs To Happen, Preferably Sooner Rather Than Later

It may not be something you've considered before, but stay with me here: Ariana Grande totally needs her own reality show. Despite rumors that tiny sparkle pixie Grande's alleged donut-licking incident — in which she was reportedly caught on camera making out with pastries and saying "I hate America. I hate Americans" — could potentially ruin her career, Grande's fandom seems to be remaining ever-loyal. After all, she did apologize for her comments about Americans. (She has yet to apologize for licking the donuts, probably because she is not sorry. No one has ever been sorry for licking a donut.)

This incident might have been an embarrassing situation for any other celebrity, but #DonutGate could actually be the start of a new career path for Grande. A month later, fans likely still want answers about what really happened in the donut shop, and why Grande felt compelled to lick the donuts — and thus, this is the perfect entry point for a new reality show about Grande's life, post-#DonutGate. The whole incident seems ripped from the (scripted reality television) headlines — and judging by the response to #DonutGate, fans would definitely watch.

Ariana Grande needs her own reality television show, and here's why:

She's No Television Newbie

And she has tons of fans that would want to see her back on TV.

She's Never Been Camera-Shy

She's not constrained by the limits of gravity like the rest of us common people.

She's Ready For Her Closeup

She knows how to work the camera.

She's Well-Versed In The Art Of Smoldering

And artful hairography!

She's A Friend To Creatures Big And Small

She's really popular.

She Understands The Value Of A Well-Placed Ponytail Flip

As one should.

Her Hair Is Its Own Character

It has a life all its own.

She Has Haters

But she won't be bothered to care what they have to say.

She Has A Very Exciting Life


She Already Knows How To Be Famous

And do all the things that famous people do on reality shows.

Because There's A Lot Happening Here

And I need to know the real story.

Here's hoping that the world will one day be #blessed with a look into the inner life and world of mysterious pixie muse Ariana Grande.

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