9 Times Clay Blew Up His Own Game On ‘Big Brother’ 17, Because He's Not As Innocent As He Looks

I’m going to try my best to talk about Clay without letting my seething bias (aka my complete hate) come pouring out. Because here’s the problem: Clay’s game has always made me feel icky inside. Like, there is something about the way he attached himself immediately to Shelli, the way he tends to yell at the other women in the house, and the way he can’t not lose his cool when things don’t go his way that just makes me mad. And, when Clay spent all of Wednesday night’s episode flirting with Meg and nestling his face in her chest, this was no exception: I threw my hands in the air and yelled, “That’s it. This guy is dead to me.”

That wasn’t the first time that Clay has been totally shady in the way he plays the Big Brother game. Most of what he has done this season has been super suspicious, and is clear proof he constantly blows up his own game. So, it’s no surprise that half of the time Clay “plays the game,” he’s totally wrecking his chances in the Big Brother house. I don’t know if he’s maybe never seen an episode of Big Brother before or what. Is he really that incapable of, like, concealing his emotions?

Either way, this guy isn’t doing himself any favors when it comes to playing the Big Brother game. Below are nine times when Clay totally blew up his own game.

1. Yelling At James

When James decided to put the two of them up for eviction, Clay literally yelled at him across the house. James didn’t bat an eye, but Clay looked like an absolute fool. It was so bad that Shelli had to scream at him from across the house to stop, while snapping her fingers at him. It was sooo uncomfortable in so many ways, mainly because Shelli seemed to be trying to get him under control like an unruly pet. #awkward

2. Flirting With Meg

I just can’t. If this nonsense continues, I might have to walk away from the television and take a few meditative breaths.

3. Going After Da’Vonne

He made the girl cry — and was way too aggressive. Turns out, this wouldn’t be the last time he got super emotional and super jerk-esque in his response to other houseguests...

4. Fighting With Audrey

He would not let that go — even when Audrey started crying and asked Vanessa and Shelli to be their mediator.

5. Talking Too Much

Like, always. How many times has Shelli had to tell that guy to zip it and stop giving away too much information?

6. Every Time He Didn’t Win A Challenge

So, like, always? Seriously, why hasn't this guy won a single challenge?

7. By Sleeping In The HoH Room When He Wasn’t HoH

That automatically established he and Shelli as a tight alliance that wasn’t to be trusted. Not the best move during the second week in the house.

8. By Giving Up On The HoH Challenge

It would end up being the week he was evicted, too.

9. Convincing Vanessa To Backdoor Jason

That was the nail in the Clay coffin, really. He should have thought that one through and realized what a disruption that would cause in the house (and how he would be the one at the center of the blame).

I’m just hoping that all of this terrible game play catches up with Clay soon, and that the door hits him on the way out of the Big Brother house.

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