Hangover Beauty Is The Latest Trend To Hit Asia

by Jessica Thomas

When I wake up after a morning out, even if I took my makeup off the night before, I always look a little worse for the wear. My eyes are puffy and red-rimmed and my skin is usually pale and sickly looking. Apparently, some women actually want to look like that, using a new Asian trend known as "hangover beauty."

There are two ways to recreate a hungover look, and they originate in two different Asian countries. Korean beauty products are gaining major steam in the US, and it's not surprising. (Hello, they brought us BB cream!) Makeup is a huge part of the culture there and YouTube is full of tutorials using Korean products.

The latest trend to come out of Korea is aegyo sal, and it refers to the little bags under your eyes that pop up when you smile. The look is all the rage in Korea right now, because women believe the puffy bags under their eyes make them look younger and more playful. To recreate the look, you can use two-toned pens to create shadows and highlights under your eyes. My dark circles and puffy eyes are bad enough as it is, so I can't imagine recreating this. However, one beauty vlogger makes it look surprisingly cute.

Michelle Phan's "Puffy Eyes" tutorial recreates the look, and it's definitely more effort than I usually put forth when I'm hungover, but more power to her.

Aegyo sal is big in Korea, but a different beauty trend is sweeping Japan. It's called byojaku face, and it's designed to make you look sickly and vulnerable. This look is all about the pale face, and women are even accentuating it with red or pink blush under their eyes to help with that.

I can sort of see the appeal of this look, because I'd do anything to detract from my under eye circles when I'm hungover. I think bright pink blush would definitely help with that problem. While the above look is a little too over the top for me, this one is a little more realistic.

An elaborate makeup routine is the last thing I want to think about when I'm feeling under the weather, but I have to admit, these trends are cuter than I expected.

Image: sewlingmakeupnail/Instagram; YouTube