Clay Explains The Meg Incident On 'Big Brother 17' & Makes A Rude Comment About Her Relationships In The Process

The Big Brother house lost a beautiful face (body, smile, head of hair, am I getting too creepy?) on Thursday's live eviction episode when Clay Honeycutt was evicted from Big Brother 17 . The ex-football player met with Julie Chen — who looks dashing in glasses, by the way — and talked about his game play, his romance with Shelli, and that particular incident when Meg and Clay were super touchy in the Big Brother bathroom. What was that all about? Well, Clay had some things to say, and they weren't all very kind.

Julie, being the firecracker she has this season, asked Clay the question we've all been wondering. What was that tipsy bathroom hug session with Meg all about? Clay laughed, seeming to recall the memory, and said, "[Meg] had her fair share of showmances with pretty much everyone in the house." The audience gasped, and Clay quickly said there was no showmance with him. Hey pretty boy, they weren't gasping because they thought you had a showmance with Meg. Trust.

Clay continued to say that he "loves Meg," — he wouldn't say he loved Shelli, but I guess it's different — and that he looks forward to visiting her in New York. (By the way, I'm totally down to clown when that happens.)

Clay's comment was kind of harsh, but sadly not out of his personality. He seems to be an emotional responder — as we saw when he was nominated — so I'm sure that's the first thing that came to his head before he could realize it wasn't a flattering comment. More so, it also wasn't true. Meg's many "showmances" that Clay referred are essentially friendships with other houseguests, and don't compare at all to the Clelli showmance. The comment made it sound like Clay was shaming Meg, and was totally uncalled for. Come on, Clay, don't go out like this.

And one final note, Meg's "showmances with pretty much everyone in the house," as he calls her close bonds, have kept her in the game to this point. Have fun watching at home next to your mom's wildlife animals, Clay. (OK, I still love you.) For more on Big Brother 17, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS