UGG Makes A Limited Edition Collection With Carolyn Murphy As Its Face For The First Time In 37 Years

This beloved boot company is making history: UGG is releasing a limited edition collection with Carolyn Murphy as its face called "Classic Luxe." For the first time in 37 years, the classic boot will be getting a facelift. This is a big step for the company, whose product is so ubiquitous, they haven't had to change it in decades.

Murphy, an American and actress, has been a longtime fan of the boot. She first got a pair from her uncle when she was around 8 years old, according to WWD. And now, the boot runs in her family, too, as her 14-year-old daughter has already begun borrowing the pair that her mother had taken from the set.

The new collection, which is Italian-made, features a slimmer silhouette, giving it more of an adult, chic vibe. "The great thing about this collection is that it will appeal to a huge age range, no matter what their lifestyle," Murphy told WWD. Made from goat suede, logo, and the sheepskin interior, the collection contains two styles, Abree and Karisa.

According to WWD, Abree features a zipper, which allows for a tighter fit. The Karisa, on the other hand, is an ankle boot with both tassels and fringe. Definitely on trend for this year. Price range will live between $250-$295, and will come in espresso, aubergine, rust, tan, and black, depending on the shoe. Shop the two styles and different color combinations starting August 6.

Styled with sweats, thick robes, and lush turtlenecks on UGG's website, this new collection looks insanely comfortable. As a resident of New York City, I pull my UGG boots out all winter long, because ain't nobody got time for the cold weather, mmkay?

Plus, the Karisa, the shorter ankle version, has details that make it look a bit more dressed up, which means you can throw them on and head to brunch. You'll never hear me complaining about toasty feet, so I'm giving this new collection an A+.

Images: Ugg Australia